97% of faculty vote “yes” to ratify our TA!

Voting on the Tentative Agreement has concluded. Our union leaders, bargaining team, and organizers are happy to announce a huge turnout in our TA ratification vote! 590 faculty voted, 16 voted “no,” and 574 (97% of voters) overwhelmingly voted “yes” to ratify the TA. Congrats to everyone and thanks to all who worked together on our contract campaign. Our unity and organizing made this win a reality! ​

What’s next?

How can I help?

This election is critical for our City and our College. We are working to make City College free for San Franciscans, elect progressive supervisors, and more. You can help! Volunteer to phone bank at our union office beginning next week. Our union will hold weekly phone banks Monday through Thursday from 5-8pm until election day on November 8. To volunteer call our union at 415-585-2121 or email us at aft@aft2121.org​.

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This week: VOTE on our Tentative agreement thru August 20

After our unified organizing over the last year and a successful strike last semester we have a Tentative Agreement! Our Negotiating Team, Executive Board, and Delegate Assembly have all recommended this agreement for ratification. The contract ratification vote is an opportunity for all faculty to register their voice about the new Tentative Agreement .  By having a strong turnout, we send a message about the unity and strength of our Union.  Be sure to also fill out a faculty survey about the contract when you vote. Do you know where and when you will vote?

The District has agreed to apply the salary increases to the restored 2007/08 faculty salary, as requested by AFT. Faculty salary will be calculated by first restoring our lost salary with a 3.7% restoration to our 2007/08 salary schedule.  Then the new 2015/16 schedule will be computed by adding 5.7% (1.02% COLA 2% 2.68%) to the restored 2007/08 schedule, which is slightly more advantageous to faculty. Our 2016/17 1% salary increase will then be applied to our newest 2015-16 salary schedule.

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AFT 2121 Fall Calendar is out

View the online version of our AFT 2121 Fall 2016 Calendar.

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Monday (8/15) thru Saturday (8/20): Voting on the Tentative Agreement

We have a Tentative Agreement! Yesterday our delegates vote to recommend the Tentative Agreement to all AFT 2121 faculty for a general membership ratification vote. The Negotiating Team and Executive Board have already recommended this agreement for ratification.

Our Ratification Vote will begin next week on Monday August 15th and end Saturday August 20th. Do you know where and when you will vote? View voting times and locations.

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DA will vote on TA tomorrow |FLEX info | COPE next week | New ACCJC complaint |more…

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AFT 2121 FLEX Day bulletin explains Tentative Agreement

Need to know the details about the Tentative Agreement? View the online version of our AFT 2121 FLEX Day Bulletin on our new Tentative Agreement. The paper version will be distributed on FLEX Day and into faculty mailboxes during the first week of the semester. ​

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Delist ACCJC NOW: AFT and faculty organizations file new complaint against rogue accreditor

AFT 2121, CFT, AFT, and faculty organizations have filed a new complaint against the ACCJC with the Department of Education. We are asking that the Secretary of Education immediately delist ACCJC.

Our complaint focuses on new evidence since 2013 that the ACCJC remains not “widely accepted” by the educational community. The DOE has already found that they are not in compliance with this Federal regulation and they continue to be in violation. View CFT’s press release on the new complaint.

The complaint also focuses on the violation of Federal Due Process rules in the Restoration Status that is being applied only to CCSF.

We urge the DOE to finally end ACCJC’s misrule!

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Union wins huge victory in teacher tenure case as California Supreme Court decline to take up issue

“We applaud the state Supreme Court’s affirmation of the appeal court decision,” said Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation..

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Congratulations to Shanell Williams on her endorsement by the SF Democratic Party! Tonight the DCCC endorsed both of our union’s fantastic candidates..

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Can the Department of Education get rid of an accreditor everyone agrees is a failure?

Even as faculty vote on our new contract this week, the struggle continues to save City College: “The California Federation of Teachers filed..

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