Delegate Assembly, Tuesday September 23 at John Adams

Our September Delegate Assembly meeting will be this Tuesday, September 23 from 3pm-5pm at the John Adams campus in Room 139. There will also be a COPE meeting at 4pm. For the agenda for the Delegate Assembly and COPE, click here.

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Re-elect Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent of Public Instruction!

Tom Torlakson’s opponent is a former Wall Street banker who has no degree in education and no classroom experience. He is spending millions to try and defeat Superintendent Tom Torlakson, a former high school and community college teacher who has been a staunch advocate for quality public education for all of our students. Torlakson is supported by educators, not corporations.

Please join us for a fundraiser for Tom Torlakson on Thursday, September 25 from 4:30-6:30 at the IBEW Local 6 Union Hall (55 Fillmore Street, San Francisco). RSVP to AFT 2121 political director Alisa Messer ( For more information, please see this flyer.

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Our Day in Court Update

Nearly 100 faculty, staff, students, and community supporters were in Judge Karnow’s courtroom today as he heard a motion for summary adjudication in City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s lawsuit against the ACCJC. The judge did not make any rulings today, but stated he would provide something in writing in the near future.

Below is attorney Bob Bezemek’s summary of the case.

For more photos, videos, and analysis, visit the 2121 Facebook page.

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Students, faculty, staff & community say: no more cuts!

classcancel01 classcancel01_5classcancel01_11  classcancel01_40classcancel01_31 classcancel01_13

On Tuesday, students, and community supporters delivered over two-thousand petitions in the shape of bricks, symbolizing that now is the time to rebuild CCSF, to Susan Lamb, Vice Chancellor in charge of making decisions to cancel classes at our college.

We began at Ram Plaza and then marched to Cloud Hall chanting “we want knowledge, build our college!” Outside of Could Hall we engaged VC Lamb in an impromptu Q&A. Many students spoke passionately about their educational goals and the increasing roadblocks to getting classes at CCSF.

AFT 2121 President Tim Killikelly and others argued that class closures made little sense in the context of stabilization funding approved by the State legislature. Despite stabilization funds VC Lamb said CCSF must cancel classes to show the accreditors and others that the College is using resources “efficiently.”

Now is the time to stabilize and grow our classes. We demand that CCSF administration focus on building our college and halt the downsizing of programs!

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Team recommended probation, not “show cause”

The ACCJC shot themselves in the foot last week by admitting in a court filing that members of its evaluation team recommended a less-severe penalty than “show cause.” The Commission “confirmed as undisputed that ‘nobody on the 2012 evaluation team suggested that the recommendation to the commission should be to place City College on show-cause status.’”

This is yet another example of how the ACCJC’s show cause and disaccreditation decisions were wrong. Click here for the full story from the Chronicle of Higher Education and here for the story from the LA Times.

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“Restoration Status”: We need answers!

Now that City College of San Francisco has applied for “Restoration Status” there is an urgent need for a closer examination of this unnecessary and flawed policy. We need the ACCJC to answer basic questions.

We need answers about the development of “Restoration Status” as a policy and the preposterous sham of the “remand” process that ended with the ACCJC denying CCSF’s Appeal. Who examined what new CCSF evidence? How long did anyone deliberate? Was there any deliberation?

We need answers to why “Restoration Status” sets up rules for CCSF to be shut down even if it meets a standard of “substantial compliance.” Other colleges remain open if they meet the “substantial compliance” standard. What is the logic of this policy? We need answers to why “Restoration Status” has no further right of appeal or review.

We need answers to why CCSF was not simply given a two-year “good cause” extension. The Department of Education in a letter to Leader Pelosi has stated that the ACCJC already has the authority to grant a two-year “good cause” extension. They have done this for many other colleges. Why not CCSF? Why was there any need at all to create “Restoration Status” for CCSF? We need answers to know what is the basic criteria for accepting CCSF to be in “Restoration Status”. There is no manual. If we are not accepted into “Restoration Status” will we be disaccredited. How will we know what criteria or processes exist to determine this?

We need answers to know if creating “Restoration Status” was part of a legal strategy to avoid going to trial in the Herrera lawsuit. The ACCJC has already used this new policy and the appeal “remand” to ask for the lawsuit by City Attorney Dennis Herrera to be stayed and ultimately dismissed.

We believe that the answers to these questions will expose the ACCJCs continued disregard for the future of the 80,000 students of CCSF.

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Comment for July board “meeting”: “Restoration status” is unnecessary and deeply flawed

AFT 2121 officers have sent the message below to Special Trustee Agrella in advance of his July “public comment” session, now held each month for one hour on the day that he makes decisions in lieu of the publicly elected (but ousted) Board of Trustees. The July 2014 agenda is here, and comments can be emailed to Dr. Agrella before 4pm on July 24th, or delivered in person from 4-5pm in MUB 140. Please join us!  Read more ›

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Unanimous: AFT passes emergency resolution for Fair Accreditation and the Fight to Save Our City College of San Francisco

AFT members from around the country were unanimous in adopting our urgent call to redouble efforts for CCSF and fair accreditation for our colleges — and against the ACCJC.

Download the resolution: Emergency Resolution: Support Fair Accreditation and the Fight to Save Our City College of San Francisco

RESOLVED, that AFT redouble the fight to save CCSF and CA’s community colleges and reclaim the promise of quality public education for all, as well as continue the fight against ACCJC’s unjust actions in the legislature, in the courts, in the schools and in the streets to ensure that attempts by ACCJC to promote an inequality agenda, avoid accountability, and violate collective bargaining rights do not spread to other states and other accreditors, dedicating continued financial, personnel, and other resources; and 

RESOLVED, that AFT take all measures to ensure that the ACCJC remains under severe scrutiny, including demonstrating to the DoE that it is not “widely accepted” by educators and should be de-authorized as a regional accreditor; and 

RESOLVED, that AFT convene a taskforce on fair accreditation in higher education to study ACCJC and other accreditors in order to make recommendations for fair and appropriate accreditation practices

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“Restoration Status”: Union analysis and comment

On Wednesday, CFT president Joshua Pechthalt and our AFT 2121 president Tim Killikelly submitted a joint public comment (download full comment here) to the ACCJC regarding the Commission’s proposed Restoration Status Policy. This proposed policy is not only completely unnecessary, it is also loaded with Draconian rules. Even if a college is granted “Restoration Status” and two years to be evaluated again, at the end of the two year period, ACCJC has the unbridled discretion to make any decision it wants with no opportunity for appeal by the college.  So long as ACCJC insists on adopting this unworkable Restoration Status policy, which would put any college in this position at the absolute mercy of ACCJC, the draft of this policy should be rejected.  More transparency and the right of appeal are what is needed–not more secrecy and absolute power. Read a summary of our union’s public comment to the ACCJC below. Read more ›

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ACCJC’s conflicts of interest invalidate appeal decision

Last week AFT 2121 president, Tim Killikelly summarized the ACCJC’s Appeal Panel’s ruling on the CCSF appeal. Today, after careful analysis, the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) has determined the decision by the panel appointed by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges to review City College of San Francisco’s appeal of its disaccreditation to be invalid and that the ACCJC should repeal its “show cause” and disaccreditation orders. Read more…

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AB 86 Community Meeting Supporting Adult Learners

If you work in one of the following areas:
● Elementary and secondary basic skills, including classes required for a high school diploma or
high school equivalency certificate
● Classes for immigrants in citizenship and ESL, and workforce preparation classes in basic skills
● Educational programming for students with disabilities
● Short‐term career technical education programs with high employment potential
● Programs for apprentices

please join us at a community meeting about what is and isn’t working in these programs and how CCSF, SFUSD, and other organizations can work together to help our students succeed. We encourage you to invite your students as well!

The meeting will be:
Wednesday, October 1

MUB 140

For more information, see this flyer.

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Yes on G, Stop Evictions! Yes on J, Raise Up SF! Kick-off and Mobilization

Saturday, September 13th
Harvey Milk Plaza
Market and Castro St, SF

San Francisco is in crisis. Economic inequality is growing at the fastest rate in the country. More and more working-class people are being displaced and pushed out of our city. Passing Prop J and Prop G are two ways to fight back!

Prop J will raise the minimum wage to $15 in 2018. Prop G will discourage real-estate speculators who buy and sell homes for quick profit, often evicting tenants and driving up prices. Together, we can take back this city for workers and residents!

This kick-off will be a great opportunity to get involved, meet fellow volunteers, and make a difference. Immediately following the rally, volunteer teams will fan out across the city to raise the visibility of YES ON G and YES ON J and let voters know that early voting begins in just a few short weeks. Join us Saturday!

RSVP and share on Facebook.

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Join San Francisco’s fight against economic inequality

J G Campos

AFT 2121 is proud to be working with the community and labor coalition Affordability Starts Now. This coalition is working to elect David Campos to the State Assembly, pass Prop G (the anti-speculation tax), and pass Prop J (raising the minimum wage). Please join us for the kickoff for this important effort on

Thursday, September 11
SEIU 1021, 350 Rhode Island (Entrance at Kansas between 16th and 17th).

Questions? Contact AFT 2121 Political Director Alisa Messer at


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Time for a reality-based budget

On Friday, Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration Ron Gerhard presented CCSF’s 2014-2015 budget, and its contents were of great concern to many faculty. AFT 2121 President Tim Killikelly questioned the reality of the numbers and asked for other, more realistic budget scenarios. “This eight year plan frames the conversation so that the District can say ‘there’s no more money for faculty and staff.’ The only way to achieve the numbers in this eight year plan is for the college to shrink or for faculty to continue to endure pay cuts.” While faculty salaries stay flat, administrative salaries are up over 34% from FY 2012-2013 to FY 2014-2015. The budget also includes a funding model for the next eight years that wrongly predicts catastrophic funding problems, including losing Prop 30 and Prop A funds and no increase in enrollment.

A more realistic view of the budget would make clear that the District can afford to restore faculty pay and give them the raise necessary to continue to live in the Bay Area. It’s all about priorities — will the District invest money in the classroom and student services, or will it continue to prioritize bloated administrative salaries and unnecessarily large reserve funds?

To see the budget, visit:  You can see the rise in administrative salaries on page 14 and the eight year plan on page 29.

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