Accreditation Task Force Report: Get Rid of ACCJC!

10411967_1620866508139378_2916071095249309283_nThe California Community College Accreditation Task Force Report publicly confirmed what has long been acknowledged in private: The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) “no longer meets the current and anticipated needs of the California Community Colleges.” The organization has “consistently failed to meet” expectations, ignored a decade of suggestions to improve—and the “system and its member institutions,” as a whole, “have lost confidence in the ACCJC.” Read more ›
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Get out to VOTE: referendum on Strike Hardship Fund!

alan strike fund cardWe need to show the Administration that we are united and prepared to take the necessary action to win an excellent contract. We are voting on a referendum September 1st-3rd to establish a Strike Hardship Fund for our local and we urge all members to vote YES. This fund will support our most economically vulnerable faculty members if Administration leaves us with no choice but to call for a strike.

Hundreds of your colleagues have already signed commitment cards promising to vote yes in the referendum and we need your help getting everyone out to vote! We will be phone banking at the AFT 2121 office (311 Miramar Ave.) this Sunday from 10am-2pm and Monday through Wednesday from 3-7pm. Call organizer Michael McCown (512-968-5345) if you can join us.

We want a contract – a good contract – by Thanksgiving. By voting yes, we will show the Administration that we are serious, powerful, and united in support of a good contract. Together we can win it!

Only members can vote Read more ›

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Workers’ Rights Board hearing: the future of higher education in San Francisco

Workers-rights-board_3-9-15_logosPlease join the hearing and investigation on faculty working conditions and student learning conditions at City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Art Institute.  Read more ›

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Update from the Negotiations Table

Still No Compensation Proposal from District, Still Awaiting Needed Budget Data

The AFT bargaining team is still awaiting a response from the District to the Union’s salary proposal. [link] At the Wednesday, August 27 session, the District once again deferred on wages. Meanwhile, the District is suddenly rushing to adopt a Final Budget for 2015/16, apparently after realizing that there is a statutory September 15 deadline to do so! This makes more urgent our renewed demand for meaningful budget information on faculty salary costs and other expenses. Such information is essential for salary negotiations, yet the District still cannot provide actual expense/revenue figures from last year’s budget, nor a detailed accounting of faculty expenses in the tentative 2015/16 budget.

Faculty Service Areas (FSA’s)

On Wednesday, the District presented its proposal for a new contract provision covering Faculty Service Areas, or FSA’s, which are required under the Education Code for determining “retreat rights” or the order of layoffs in the (unlikely) event of layoff of tenured and tenure-track faculty. However,  FSA’s also serve to determine, along with minimum qualifications, areas where faculty are deemed qualified to work in accordance with negotiated competency criteria. In contrast to previous bargaining sessions, the District presented extensively, which allowed for an informative and productive exchange on this important topic. AFT will next consult with the Academic Senate on the academic matters related to FSA’s and the District’s proposal.

Accord Reached on 2016 Health Service System (HSS) rates

With Open Enrollment in HSS health plans (Kaiser, Blue Shield, and City Plan) approaching in October for calendar year 2016, AFT and the District have reached agreement on employer/employee premiums for 2016. The good news was that negotiations between HSS and Kaiser resulted in no increase for 2016, so both employee and employer will remain the same in 2016. Blue Shield, on the other hand,  raised rates by 11.5%. AFT and the District has agreed that there will be no increase to Blue Shield health premiums to our members to be offset in forthcoming negotiations over salaries and benefits. Finally, for the few remaining faculty covered under City Plan, by far the most expensive of the three HSS plans, the District has agreed to pass on the dramatic 50% reduction in City Plan premiums to employees in 2016.

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Next week: AFT 2121 meetings

All members are invited to our Delegate Assembly and COPE meetings Tuesday, August 25th at 4pm in MUB 261. Please attend for important information about our Strike Hardship Fund vote and to be part of making critical decisions about the November elections. View the tentative agenda.

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AFT 2121 Fall 2015 Calendar

View or print our AFT 2121 Fall 2015 Calendar

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Still no compensation proposal from district | progress made in some areas

The District still had no response to our compensation proposal and they gave no compensation proposal of their own. While we also had significant difference over the District’s Faculty Evaluation proposal there was some positive movement in other areas. Read more ›

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