Negotiations update: Health Service System rates for 2015

Because the District and HSS prematurely announced “final” rates for 2015 in December without first negotiating with AFT, faculty are receiving a notice from the District apologizing for the error and explaining why some faculty will see “refund” on their paychecks. Since initial publication of health care rates, AFT was able to negotiate lower rates for several categories. The table below details monthly health care rates faculty will pay Jan.-Dec. 2015 along with the overcharge “refund” amount which will appear in April 2015 paychecks.

Importantly, the negotiated rates will appear in our contract and represent the baseline costs and for negotiations over health care rates for 2016.

Negotiated Rates Final Rates published Dec. 2014 “Refund” Amounts per month Total “Refund”Paid 4.30.15
Blue Shield
Ee only 54.81 54.81 0.00
Ee + 1 268.47 268.47 0.00
Ee + 2 625.14 625.14 0.00
Ee only 0.00 0.00 0.00
Ee + 1 158.15 161.21 3.06 36.72
Ee + 2 474.68 479.53 4.85 58.20
City Hlth Plan
Ee only 561.77 680.05 118.28 1,419.36
Ee + 1 1,217.42 1,476.65 259.23 3,110.76
Ee + 2 1,909.71 2,325.15 415.44 4,985.28

Rates are monthly

Pre-payment for summer coverage for part-time faculty for Jan. – May, 2015

Part-timers with health benefits are paying more in monthly health care premiums because they are also pre-paying for coverage during the summer months of no premium deductions: June, July, and August.  To pre-pay for the three months of coverage, part-timers will see higher health care premiums for January thru May equal to 1.6 times the monthly rates listed above.

 Minimal salary restoration (0.5%) due April 30

The District notice also mentions the 0.5% salary “increase” due faculty on the April 30 paycheck. Actually, this is the final minimal restoration to salaries after the 5% ongoing salary cut suffered on July 1, 2013. Together with the 1% restoration on January 1, 2014, faculty salaries will still be 3.5% lower than 2007-08, the last time  faculty received a raise at CCSF.

The 0.5% pay restoration is effective with the April 30, 2015 paycheck, but retroactive to January 1, 2015. Faculty will also receive a retro pay amount for the months of Jan-Mar, 2015.

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CVC-TL_engAFT 2121 is working with our community to demand justice for students displaced by the closure of CCSF’s Tenderloin campus. The Civic Center Campus was announced closed only days before the start of the spring semester. The college says the building is seismically unsafe, but has put forward no firm construction plans, and so far has not followed through with helping displaced students find a new Tenderloin home. The string of poor decisions about the Civic Center campus did not account for the needs of students. Now a reduced percentage of these students have been dispersed to multiple alternative CCSF locations and the rest are not taking classes at all.

Join us Thursday at 1pm as we demand: Don’t Slam the Doors on Students!

· Fast Track the repairs to 750 Eddy and reopen the campus as soon as possible
· Find temporary classrooms for all classes disrupted by the closure

March 5th at 1pm
Start at 750 Eddy Street, March to City Hall
RSVP and invite on Facebook

The English, math and job skills classes offered at the Civic Center Campus provided hundreds of adults the education they needed to achieve academic and career goals. WE WANT OUR CAMPUS BACK! Sponsored by: AFT 2121, Community Housing Partnership, La Voz Latina, GLIDE Memorial Church, the Vietnamese Youth Development Center, Senior and Disability Action, and the Central City SRO Collaborative.

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The Final Ruling: The ACCJC Broke the Law

On Tuesday February 17th Judge Curtis Karnow issued his final ruling in the People v. the ACCJC. The verdict: the ACCJC broke the law. The final ruling has some important new elements: if City College chooses reconsideration, the college would not be putting its accreditation status at risk; and the process for reconsideration must be transparent. These are critical aspects that will help the college against the arbitrary and highly secretive ACCJC. This ruling provides a way forward. Now is the time for others to act to hold the ACCJC accountable and to create a fair accreditation process. The state legislature and the federal government need to reform the accreditation process use their oversight authority to rein in this rogue agency!

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Faculty Workload Survey

Faculty workload has changed since CCSF was placed on “Show Cause” in 2012. To prepare for contract negotiations, AFT is gathering information about these changes in faculty workload. This includes additional work over and above normal duties, such as work on SLO’s and re-writing course outlines. We are also collecting data on the amount of work faculty do to prepare for labs.

Please fill out the survey here.

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Supervisors Mar, Campos, Kim to call hearing on CCSF

“That’s what the community college system has been about: reflecting the city’s diverse needs and bolstering the talent of its workforce—and bettering the lives of those in our communities.”—Supervisor Eric Mar

Mar-3-3-15San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar announced at Tuesday’s Board meeting that, along with Supervisors David Campos and Jane Kim, he is calling a hearing on City College of San Francisco to get updates about the current situation of the college—from the sudden closure of the Civic Center campus to the recent Superior Court decision and injunction and the possible upcoming reinstatement of the Board of Trustees. The hearing will also look, as he put it, at “how we as a city can keep supporting our City College.” The date of the hearing has not yet been announced, so stay tuned!

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Are you SURE You’re a Member?

Did you know that membership in AFT 2121 isn’t automatic? Many of us assume we are members of our union, but are surprised to find out that we may be on the list of those who never filled out a membership form – the Fee-Payers. Union members pay the same amount every month in dues as our colleagues who are “Fee-Payers” pay in fees.

If you’re not 100% sure that you are a member, check with your Precinct Rep, or call the union office to check your status (415-585-2121). If you’re not a member yet, now is the time to complete your membership form and return it to the AFT 2121 office ASAP. We need you!

As a member, you demonstrate support of your union, and a commitment to actively engage in the democratic rights and responsibilities of membership. Members are eligible to vote for precinct representatives and officers. As we begin the process of negotiating our next contract, our membership rate shows our strength as a Union local, and generates power at the bargaining table. There are also financial benefits: access to a free $10K life insurance policy, and a long list of Union-friendly discounts.

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Join us for our Sunshine Rally!

AFT 2121 will be “sunshining” and making public our campaign for a fair contract. After months of faculty, student, and community input, we’ve created a bargaining platform that prioritizes rebuilding enrollment, restoring years of faculty wage cuts, and returning democratic decision-making to CCSF. To see the full “sunshine” document, click here.

To show administration that faculty are serious about fighting for a fair contract, please join us for a rally to kick off our contract campaign!

Thursday, February 26
Rally at 3:30pm
Science Hall stairs
Download the flyer here.

After the rally, we will march to the 4pm Board of Trustees meeting to give public comment about our proposals.

Everyone is encouraged to attend wearing Hawaiian shirts, leis, and/or bright sunshiny colors. RSVP on facebook or at

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Draft minutes from Retiree Chapter meeting on 2/3/2015

Get the draft minutes from the Retiree Chapter meeting on February 3rd, 2015.

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CCSF faculty to State Chancellor Harris: CandelariaSaginorMesserfull Q&A with Harris

CCSF still in jeopardy as trial continues

2121 on Facebook

San Francisco shows up in a big way for the Civic Center Campus and all of City College of San Francisco!

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People are getting ready for our Civic Center march! Keep City College in the Tenderloin!!

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We are ready to rally! Come on out the the Civic Center campus at 1pm today to join us as we fight for our Tenderloin students!

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San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar announced at Tuesday’s Board meeting that, along with Supervisors David Campos and Jane Kim, he is calling..

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“The protest at the art institute — where adjuncts are hoping to negotiate their first contract as part of an SEIU-affiliated union — attracted..

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