The Reorganization Plan

The Reorganization proposals that have been floating around have one thing in common. They have generally angered and confused the faculty. Any Reorganization must only happen if it can be demonstrated to promote student success. There are important questions that must be answered. What problems are being solved with the reorganization? How does the specific plan for departmental changes solve those specific problems? What evidence is there in terms of student success to justify these proposed changes? What are the impacts on the working conditions of our faculty? The answers we have heard so far to these general questions have been vague and unsatisfactory. We hope that the administration reconsiders this ill-advised plan. I have twice requested meeting with the District to discuss these plans. We hope to have a meeting on these issues in the near future. The letters I have written are below. Please let us know your concerns about the impact of these proposed changes at

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Negotiating Team Elected!

On Tuesday, the Delegate Assembly elected the following people to our negotiating team:

  • Morris Bibliowicz (DTN ESL)
  • Jessica Buchsbaum (DTN ESL)
  • Patty Chong-Delon (OCEAN COUNSELING)
  • Richard Compean (OCEAN ENGLISH)
  • Malaika Finkelstein (DTN/MIS DSPS)
  • Wendy Kaufmyn (OCEAN ENGINEERING)
  • Tim Killikelly (OCEAN SOCIAL SCIENCES)
  • Wendy Owens (OCEAN/JAD LIBRARY)

In addition, AFT 2121 President Tim Killikelly has appointed part-time counselor Li Lovett to the team. Many thanks to everyone who ran and participated in our new process for electing a negotiating team.

Now that we have a negotiating team, we need some negotiating proposals! We are holding Bargaining Platform meetings during the next few weeks. The meetings have two purposes:

  1. Educate faculty about the timeline for negotiations, how bargaining is going to work, and our plan to win a good contract.
  2. Get faculty input on what is most important for them in our contract and find out what they want to add or change about our contract

To see when and where these Bargaining Platform meetings are being held, visit  our calendar —

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Board of Governors Meeting

On Monday, a contingent of faculty, staff, students, retirees, and community drove down to DeAnza College to speak at the November meeting of the California Community College Board of Governors. Two topics of particular importance to CCSF were on the agenda: ending the monopoly of the ACCJC and restoring our democratically-elected Board of Trustees. See CFT President Joshua Pechthalt’s statement at the BOG meeting and watch a recording of the meeting (including our comments) here.

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Update: AFT 2121 October General Membership Meeting

At our AFT 2121 General Membership Meeting on October 21st:

1) We questioned State Community College Chancellor Brice Harris about the future of our college and on the illegal actions of the ACCJC:

2) We also discussed our upcoming contract negotiations and how our union decided to incorporate greater input into the selection of the negotiating team:

  • Any member who fills out this form and gets the signature of 20 other members can be nominated to the negotiating team. Those running for the negotiating team can also write a 100 word statement describing why they would be a good negotiating team member. Both the form and the statement are due Friday, November 14.
  • Our negotiating team will be elected by the Delegate Assembly at their November 18 meeting on the Chinatown campus.
  • Read the full unapproved minutes from our general membership meeting.
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Watch: CCSF Still in Jeopardy as Trial Continues

What’s next for The People Vs ACCJC? Court has adjourned for the moment, with closing arguments set for December 9th at 1:30pm. During the intermission, the parties will draft and file post-trial briefs. The City Attorney’s Office will tie together all of the evidence, including the trial testimony, designated deposition testimony from over 20 depositions (mostly evidence we didn’t hear in the courtroom testimony), and all of the exhibits—250 of them. Then Judge Karnow wants time to look at everything before closing arguments. Afterwards, Karnow expects to issue a tentative written decision and provide time for both parties to file written objections, if necessary, before the final decision.

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Next Delegate Assembly Meeting Tuesday, November 18

Our next Delegate Assembly meeting will be Tuesday, November 18 from 3pm-5pm in Chinatown, room 503.

The agenda includes voting on our negotiating team, reviewing our draft academic calendar for 2015-2016, and discussing the creation of our bargaining platform. Click here for the full agenda.

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What do the November 2014 Election Results Mean for our College?

The election results in November will have great significance for AFT 2121 and our college. Here are some of the highlights.

Statewide, the reelection of Tom Torlakson over Marshall Tuck for Superintendent of Public Instruction was a key victory in our nationwide struggle with the so-called “educational reform” movement. Also the passage of Prop 47 is an important step in creating positive alternatives to prison in our criminal justice system.

Nationally, the Republican victory in the congressional elections is a troubling signal for our nation. The new Republican majority in the Senate signals more gridlock on Capital Hill and a setback to building a progressive majority.

Locally, a great victory for labor, our students and low-income workers was the passage of Prop J which raises the minimum wage to $15 by 2018. Despite being significantly outspent, one of our strongest allies, Supervisor David Campos, narrowly lost in his race for the State Assembly to Supervisor David Chui.  AFT 2121 also worked hard for the anti-speculation tax, Prop G, which was defeated. In our City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees’ races, two of our endorsed candidates won election: Bridgette Davila and Thea Selby. Board of Trustees President John Rizzo was also reelected while Amy Bachrach was elected to the two-year term to replace Chris Jackson.

AFT 2121 looks forward to working with all of our elected officials to return City College of San Francisco’s democratically elected local Board of Trustees back to power. The time has come to end the uncertainty and restore public confidence by letting the Board of Trustees do the job they were elected to do.

AFT 2121 members who volunteered in our election efforts did a tremendous job. We more than doubled the amount of participation than our original goal! Thank you for all your hard work!







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ACCJC Restoration Team Visit to begin on Sunday, Nov. 16th

Beginning on November 16 the ACCJC Restoration visiting team will arrive at City College of San Francisco. One of the hallmarks of the faculty at CCSF during the accreditation crisis has been our professionalism, our commitment to students and the institution as a whole. Members of the Restoration visiting team may visit your class. As we now know from court testimony, a previous visiting team in 2012 unanimously did not recommend “show cause.” It was the Commissioners who decided to take that action contrary to visiting team recommendation. Also in court testimony, it was made clear we provide students with an outstanding education. We need to make sure the Restoration Visiting Team has a clear understanding of our commitment to excellence.

Maintaining professionalism towards the Restoration visiting team does not mean that the Restoration Status process is a fair one. Under the rules of Restoration even if the visiting team and the commission itself agree that City College has fully met all accreditation standards we will still not be accredited. We will only be accepted into Restoration status, not fully accredited. Furthermore, City College of San Francisco under Restoration will be held to a higher standard than all other colleges in the United States to remain accredited. This is part of the continuing unfair practices of the ACCJC. We will continue to fight on all fronts to keep the college accredited with open access for all.

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CCSF faculty to State Chancellor Harris: CandelariaSaginorMesserfull Q&A with Harris

CCSF still in jeopardy as trial continues

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