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Ting’s AB 1397 for Fair Accreditation — one step closer to victory

11709578_966237890073917_5987885215479616181_nGreat news today: ‪AB1397‬ just passed the Senate Education Committee 6-2 despite ‪the ‎ACCJC‬’s attempts to kill it! We thank, faculty and students who lobbied to make this happen as well as Assemblymember Phil Ting and team for standing up for our community colleges. On Monday, several teams of students and faculty from around CA hit the halls of the state Capitol to shore up support for Assemblymember Phil Ting’s AB1397‬ for Fair Accreditation. Read CFT’s press release on AB1397′s progress today.


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AFT 2121 July Negotiations Update

June 30th has come and gone without a new contract. We continue to work under our old contract because of the delays of the District in bargaining with AFT this year. At our last scheduled negotiations session of the semester, on May 20, 2015, the District said while it did not philosophically disagree with our May 13 compensation proposal, they needed to do more work on the 2015/16 CCSF budget before making a specific proposal to our Union on faculty compensation and benefits. It is unclear what that will mean for their proposal.
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What the heck is FLAC? New payroll system highlights.

CCSF is implementing a new payroll system in June 2015. Full-time base pay will not be affected. The new system applies to all part-timers and to full-time overload assignments, including summer. It may bring some real improvements, once we get used to it. Administration has promised to provide training to all faculty on flex day, and hopefully at other times as well.

The new system is a part of Banner called “Faculty Load and Compensation”, or FLAC. Our actual pay should not change, except that hourly assignments will now be paid by load. But load and pay will be calculated differently, and paystubs will look a bit different.

Your AFT 2121 precinct reps can help explain FLAC. Also, the Office of Instruction has a 10-page guide to FLAC for faculty. It’s the second link at: http://www.ccsf.edu/en/employee-services/scheduling-office.html

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Charleston Tragedy

Again we see the ugly face of racist violence scarring our nation. A young white man entered a historic black church, sat through the service, and then created a bloodbath. He was there to deliberately and intentionally kill African-Americans because in his words African-Americans were “taking over our country.” We know those words because he decided to let some live so that they could tell others of why he did it.  Read more ›

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California Court of Appeals denies ACCJC’s objections

The California Court of Appeals has denied the ACCJC in court yet again! Read the full CFT press release on the denied appeal.

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New payroll system —or— what the heck is FLAC?

CCSF is implementing a new payroll system for all faculty in June 2015. We don’t have much detail yet, but we’re cautiously optimistic. Administration has promised to meet with us the week of June 22nd to explain how it will work. Mickey Branca has also said he will write a short explanation that will be distributed with paychecks in June, July, August, and September. Department chairs have already received some training. Administration has promised to provide training to all faculty on flex day, and hopefully at other times as well. Read more ›

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Board of Trustees votes 4-2 against holding ACCJC accountable

Board of Trustees votes 4-2 not to join with City Attorney Herrera and seek enforcement of the injunction against the ACCJC.

Despite overwhelming support from the faculty and students and a clear consensus that the ACCJC has not provided the College with the evidence that Judge Karnow’s Injunction calls for, the Board of Trustees voted 4-2 on Monday not to join as a Real Party in Interest with City Attorney Dennis Herrera. This non-action effectively kills any attempt to get the ACCJC to actually obey the injunction. Read more ›

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Defend the College! Why City College should encourage City Attorney Herrera to seek enforcement of the injunction against the ACCJC.

 A key decision point is fast approaching for the college administration. The District must decide to stand up to defend the college. The faculty are united that the District must urge the City Attorney to go to Judge Karnow to make sure that the ACCJC obeys the law.

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Tell the ACCJC to treat our colleges fairly! Rally on June 5th in Oakland.

Do you think the ACCJC treats California’s Community colleges unfairly? The next ACCJC meeting will be on Friday, June 5th in Oakland. You can bet that AFT 2121 and CFT leaders from across the state will be there to tell them what we think! Want to help? Invite your friends and come out to join us!

Rally and press conference
Friday, June 5th at 1pm
Hilton Oakland Airport Hotel
1 Hegenberger Rd, Oakland
RSVP and invite on Facebook

ACCJC will host meetings at this hotel on June 3, 4, 5. Legislation is being sent now to the Assembly that will reform ACCJC accreditation practices. This event is to raise awareness and put pressure on key legislators to consider passing this legislation for a fair accreditation process for all community colleges. The ACCJC treats California’s Community colleges unfairly and this harms thousands of students. California’s State Superior Court ruled that the ACCJC broke the law when it tried to close City College of San Francisco and the Department of Education criticized the ACCJC for its treatment of our California community colleges. The California Federation of Teachers, the City College faculty union and other supporters from across California have been fighting for fair accreditation reforms. We are holding a protest and press conference outside of the ACCJC’s next meeting. Please join us!


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Thursday, May 21st: Jobs with Justice #blacklivesmatter forum

Jobs With Justice has organized a #blacklivesmatter forum co-sponsored by Labor and Community Studies CCSF and the School of Unity and Liberation. The panelists will connecting economic justice, racial justice and black liberation. Discussion to follow panel.

A Jobs With Justice Forum
Thursday May 21st from 6:30-8:30pm
Local 2 (209 Golden Gate Ave)
Get the flyer

ALICIA GARZA, Co-creator #BlackLivesMatter and Special Projects Director of NDWA, leading Black domestic worker organizing, STEVE PITTS, UC Berkeley Labor Center and National Black Worker Center Project, CHRIS HIGGENBOTHAM, Fight for $15 leader, McDonald’s worker and Oakland teacher, and DERRICK BOUTTE, Social and Economic Justice Chair and member leader of SEIU 1021. Moderated by Neva Walker, ED of Coleman Advocates. 



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CCSF faculty to State Chancellor Harris: CandelariaSaginorMesserfull Q&A with Harris

CCSF still in jeopardy as trial continues

2121 on Facebook

2121 organizers are out knocking doors, visiting members to talk about our contract campaign. Have you received a visit or a phone call yet?

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Great! #AB1397 for Fair Accreditation just passed the Senate Education Committee 6-2 despite #ACCJC’s attempts to kill it! Thank you, Assemblymember..

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A few more photos from Monday’s legislative visits in support of Assemblymember Phil Ting’s #AB1397 for Fair Accreditation.

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Several teams of students and faculty from around CA hit the halls of the state Capitol today to shore up support for Assemblymember Phil Ting’s..

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Tomorrow! Workers Voices, Workers Lives (free event!)

Join City College Labor and Community Studies and the Fund for Labor Culture and History..

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