Something to be thankful for: Union power!

Strike averted! …For now

Administration agrees to rescind illegal letters to retirees; commits to respecting faculty rights to protected activities

Dear AFT 2121 members:

Good news! The power we demonstrated with our preparedness to strike against District administration Unfair Labor Practices has caused the administration to remedy our charges against them! The District will rescind all letters demanding payment from AFT 2121 unit members and will not take action against any other members until completing talks with AFT 2121—hopefully this time in good faith. But we are still concerned District administration will try to assert regressive proposals in our final settlement and we must continue to build our union power to ensure a fair contract for faculty.

Additionally, in order to settle our ULP charge, the District administration has agreed to refrain from surveillance of Union activities and will inform administrative and public safety staff of the District administration and Board of Trustees’ commitment to respect faculty member’s rights concerning protected activity.

With the provoking policies removed, the AFT 2121 Executive Board has unanimously voted to cancel the Strike Authorization Vote scheduled to conclude on November 30. Plans for a One-Day Strike on Dec 7th are likewise cancelled.

Since we began negotiating with the District administration early this year, this is the fastest we have seen it move on any item. Thanks to your organizing work—showing up at rallies and informational pickets along with our student and community allies, and keeping your colleagues informed as events unfolded—the District administration knew our strike threat was real. Consequently, it quickly took action to remedy its most blatant bad faith practices.

AFT 2121 hopes that the administration’s action in this case signals a new direction in negotiations, one that will lead to a fair contract. However, given District administration’s feet dragging and all around failure to prioritize bargaining in good faith without our insistence it do so faculty should remain prepared to strike if necessary as we continue negotiations.

For today we should celebrate how we have shown through our resolve and our solidarity how powerful we are! Have a great Thanksgiving!

In Unity,

Tim Killikelly
President, AFT 2121

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Frequently Asked Questions: AFT 2121 Unfair Labor Practice Strike

ULP Strike FAQ (pdf)
Download the ULP Charges here.

Q: Why is AFT 2121 calling for a one-day strike? 

A: We are calling for a one-day strike to protest District Unfair Labor Practices. By choosing to bargain in bad faith the District has derailed the negotiations process and forced us to take action. They have taken unilateral action on an item under negotiation and have intimidated our members during union activities; the District must remedy these actions for good faith negotiations to move forward.

Q: How can the District avert the strike? Read more ›

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AFT 2121 ULP Strike Authorization Vote

Voting times and locations:

Do you know where your Strike Authorization Polling Place is? Print the ULP Strike Authorization polling times and locations.

Strike logistics:

The tentative date of our one day Unfair Labor Practice strike is Monday, Dec. 7.That will give Special Trustee Guy Lease and Chancellor Lamb nearly one week from the time the strike vote concludes on Nov. 30th to reverse their decision to negotiate in bad faith Read more ›

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President’s Message: How do you count an empty seat? Cuts are worse than we thought!

Fellow Faculty,

The proposed cuts to our college are worse than we thought!

Yesterday, an unsigned email from the Employee Relations Office arrived in CCSF employee inboxes. Its aim was to refute AFT 2121’s claim that Guy Lease and Susan Lamb’s plan to reduce CCSF class offerings by 26% amounts to “downsizing” the college.

The email did not address our major concerns.

They claim they are not “downsizing” the college but merely “aligning” the course offerings. The only difference we can discern between “aligning” and “downsizing” is that Guy Lease and Susan Lamb think saying “aligning” sounds better.

The implementation of cuts are actually LARGER than what we had been led to believe. They are making cuts not from what classes were offered in previous semesters, but from what classes occurred after they cancelled classes. This would reduce the total number of course offerings even further. We are in the process of figuring out what is the ACTUAL cut.

How do you count an empty seat?

Much was made of so-called “empty seats” necessitating cuts. Does the email refer to literal empty seats? Or the difference between enrolled students and the class size cap? If so, how are seats counted in classes with enrollment exceeding the cap? Read more ›

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United Educators of San Francisco passses resolution supporting our struggle!

Resolution in Solidarity with CCSF Educators AFT Local 2121 in the event that they go on an Unfair Labor Practices strike on Dec 7, 2015.

Whereas AFT 2121 representing CCSF educators is currently in contract negotiations with CCSF administration,

Whereas AFT 2121 has filed unfair labor practices charges against the CCSF administration on two charges: intimidating picketers by videotaping them and unilaterally implementing a policy while it is in negotiation,

Whereas AFT 2121 representing CCSF teachers is holding a strike vote this Friday, Nov. 20, 2015, to authorization vote for a one day unfair labor practices strike on Dec 7, 2015,

Whereas public school educators should support each other because we face the same attacks on public education and our union jobs,

Resolved, UESF stands in solidarity with AFT 2121 in their contract negotiations and we will urge our members in the event of a strike to support picket lines at CCSF campuses.

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AFT 2121 Strike Hardship Fund

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AFT 2121 statement: Why are faculty fighting?


Click the image to download this statement in English, Spanish, and Chinese

Why are faculty fighting? Why are faculty voting to strike?
Nov. 12, 2015

During the accreditation crisis, City College students and workers fought alongside our community for CCSF. Now interim Chancellor Lamb and Special Trustee Lease intend to shrink classes by 26%, lay off more than a quarter of the faculty, and refuse to negotiate a fair faculty contract. We are coming together today: all campuses, all faculty, and all communities to continue the fight for the quality, diverse and accessible City College that San Francisco deserves!

Read more ›

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District forces strike vote!

Executive Board and Negotiations Team Call for Strike Authorization Vote in response to District Unfair Labor Practices

AFT 2121 calls on members to authorize a one day strike. On the recommendation of the Bargaining Team and after a long discussion last night, our Executive Board voted to call for a strike authorization vote by the general membership. This is in response to the District’s Unfair Labor Practices. The District has chosen not to bargain in good faith and has undermined the negotiation process.  Read more ›

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AFT 2121 files unfair labor practice charge against the district for bad faith bargaining and more

Read AFT 2121’s unfair labor practice charge against the District filed 11.9.15

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Thursday, Nov. 12th: March & Rally for our CCSF, Stop the Cuts & Fair Contract NOW!


CommMarch_flyer_11.12.15_FinalDuring the accreditation crisis, City College students and workers fought alongside our community for CCSF.  Now interim Chancellor Lamb and Special Trustee Lease intend to shrink programs by 26%, layoff more than a quarter of our faculty, and refuse to negotiate a fair contract.

Help us defend the quality, accessibility, and diversity of our City College! March with us on Thursday, November 12th!

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 2015
1:30 PM: MARCH for CCSF

from CCSF Downtown (88 4th St. @ Mission)
to CCSF Civic Center (1170 Market St. @ UN Plaza)
2:00 PM: RALLY for CCSF
​RSVP and invite
Post the flyer

We are reaching out to hundreds of students, community members and faculty to invite them to march with us. If you can help us phone bank in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, or another language we need your help! Contact organizer Michael McCown (512-968-5345).



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Oct. 28, 2015: negotiations update

District promises info on budget details; key to salary negotiations

After weeks of prodding, District CFO David Martin met with AFT reps to show actual District revenue and expenditure data from last year Read more ›

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Petition – Trustee Lease, Chancellor Lamb: don’t downsize our college!


We, the undersigned City College of San Francisco students and San Francisco community members, are united with faculty against proposed 26% cuts to CCSF. Such massive cuts will decrease student access. Administration must plan to rebuild the college by using taxpayer monies to keep classes open and pay faculty and staff fair wages.  Don’t hoard the money in ever-growing reserve funds.

During the accreditation crisis, City College students and workers fought alongside our community for CCSF. Now Administration intends to shrink classes by 26%, layoff more than a quarter of the faculty, and refuses to negotiate a fair faculty contract. Help us defend a City College for everyone. Speak up and share this petition!

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Stop the massive cuts, defend students: AFT 2121 statement to Guy Lease and Chancellor Lamb

AFT 2121 opposes massive cuts to CCSF!

Special Trustee Guy Lease: put away the wrecking ball!

Chancellor Lamb: stop the downsizing of CCSF!

City College Board of Trustees: stand up and defend City College and the students you were elected to serve!

AFT 2121 opposes the planned cuts of 26% to the City College of San Francisco. The administration, under unelected Special Trustee Guy Lease, announced a plan in contract talks to massively downsize the college. The public must be aware: Cuts of this magnitude will inevitably send the college into a further enrollment decline and entire programs will disappear. AFT 2121 will not standby while Guy Lease enacts a death spiral of austerity that eliminates classes, costs the jobs of a over a quarter of the current faculty, and reduces access to a quality college education for the people of San Francisco. Read more ›

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FLEX day morning picket and lunch: Fair Contract NOW

FLEX picket tomorrow, Fair Contract NOW!

Tomorrow morning, join with your co-workers and show Administration faculty are united in our demands for a fair contract. We demand the District stop dragging its feet and begin negotiating in earnest!!
FLEX info picket: Fair Contract NOW!
Tomorrow, Oct. 20 7:45-9:00am
Diego Rivera Theater, Ocean Campus
We must continue to show the District we will fight back! Don your AFT t-shirt (new shirts will be available) and/or wear green, grey, or black in solidarity with your colleagues. 

 FLEX lunch and negotiations Q&A

Have questions about negotiations or other union concerns? Join us in the Ocean Campus Cafeteria tomorrow, Oct. 20 11:30am – noon for lunch. We will be serving burritos and salads and provide more detailed answers about what has and has not been happening at the bargaining table.

RSVPs are highly encouraged! Please RSVP by 9pm tonight to

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AFT-District Negotiations: Picket the District!

District offers “off-schedule” payment

Ahead of our FLEX Day picket next week, some progress was made at the negotiating table. Rather than only reasserting their previous offer, the District added 3 years of off-schedule “bonuses”. It seems like Special Trustee Lease, Chancellor Lamb and the Board are starting to feel the heat. But we are still very far apart.
Where did this new money come from? AFT discovered  $12.9 million from one-time in State mandated costs the District had omitted from the recently BOT-approved budget. The District claimed they simply “missed” this revenue source.
Their new offer adds temporary “off-schedule” payments of :
  • 1.5% each year of the contract for full-time faculty
  • 2.23% each year of the contract for part-time faculty

Increases are not cumulative and salaries will effectively drop at the expiration of the contract. AFT continues to demand on-schedule salary increases substantially above what the District has offered.

For a detailed comparison of the AFT and District salary proposals visit the AFT 2121 Negotiations webpage.

 No positive movement on workload

Read more ›

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AFT-District Negotiations: From Bad to Worse

Distorted District email

Wednesday afternoon District Chief Negotiator Mickey Branca sent a college-wide email in which the facts about contract negotiations were grossly distorted.

When directly asked if the District proposal would effectively leave part-time faculty in 2018 with salaries below those of 2007, Branca definitively answered, “Yes!”
This while purporting that compensation is “our top priority.”

Increased hours for FT faculty (with no pay)!!

With the expectation of ever increasing workloads without parallel compensation, the District proposed yesterday to increase, for full-time faculty, the minimum required office hours from 2 hours to 5 hours.

Even more class cuts

Read more ›

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Keep San Francisco affordable!

The SF Labor council is working with our union to elect our choice for CCSF Trustee and pass housing protections on November 3rd. You can help us get out the vote on access to affordable housing and education! Download this FLIER for more info & to spread the word.

Wed. Phone Banks
5:30- 8:00pm
SF Labor Council
1188 Franklin Street #203 

AFT 2121 is proud to fight for a San Francisco for all of us by working with SF tenants, families, community and labor groups to pass Prop. I, Prop. F, and elect Aaron Peskin to the Board of Supervisors for District 3. For more info contact Alisa Messer (

SF Tenants and Families Phone Bank
Local 2, 209 Golden Gate Ave
Mondays,Tuesdays, Thursdays, (5-8:30pm) and Saturdays (10-2pm)
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Tues, November 17th: AFT 2121 Delegate Assembly meeting

All members are invited to join our AFT 2121 Delegate Assembly on Tues. November 17th from 3-5pm at the John Adams Campus in room 139. Get the agenda

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Our members stand in solidarity with SFSU faculty and all California Faculty Association faculty, 2121 Prez Tim Killikelly tells our brothers..

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