Tuesday, April 21st: all members invited to COPE and Delegate Assembly meetings

Our next Committee on Political Education meeting will be held during this month’s Delegate Assembly.

AFT 2121 Delegate Assembly
COPE Meeting for Members
Tuesday, April 21st from 3-5pm
Downtown Campus, room 424
View the agenda

All members are encouraged to attend. Please join us!

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AFT 2121 bargaining team promotes plan to rebuild college for students and faculty while district budget promises more downsizing

Barg2On Wednesday, our bargaining team met the District for a “pre-negotiations” session on the budget. The District said they would present on the budget, agreed to do so, but then did not. Our team was a prepared with a presentation of our own to which the District responded

While our focus has been how can we rebuild the college so that students have access to a wide diversity of courses and programs and that faculty and staff can receive competitive salaries, the District’s 8-year budget plan is consistent with a downsized college that keeps faculty salaries below 2007 levels through at least 2021! This budget is highlighted despite the District’s recognition that we deserve a raise. But actions speak louder than words. The actions the District takes is to continue to squirrel money towards larger and larger reserves and spend millions more on consultants. Vice Chancellor of Barg3Finance & Administration Ron Gerhard acknowledged the College’s 12.9% reserves were higher than the Board-approved goal of 8-9% and much higher than the State Chancellor’s recommendation (NOT requirement) of 5%. The 8 year plan would raise reserves to over 16%! The District’s budget for consultants is now over $4 million, an increase of over $3 million over the last 4 years! AFT 2121 also demanded the Citizens Oversight Committee be convened to ensure Prop A monies are used as intended by San Francisco voters.

Both sides agree the enrollment crisis is a threat to our college. We continued to push the District to address issues around enrollment at the negotiations table, as its fiscal impact will reverberate throughout faculty working conditions, class size and cancellation policies, faculty compensation and other contractual concerns. The District insists enrollment issues fall outside of bargaining and are instead planning a series of community-wide colloquiums.

Barg1The District continues to insist that AFT members can NOT be allowed to observe negotiations. So we will be outside the Negotiations session holding an Informational Picket to educate our administration about the value of transparency. Join us next week at our first official negotiations session. Stand in solidarity with the Bargaining Team and join the picket on Wednesday, April 15, 2:00pm-3:00pm, Wellness Center (Room 103).

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Did you get proper service credit for the CalSTRS Defined Benefit retirement plan?

AFT 2121 is seeking to identify certain active and retired faculty members, both full-time and part-time, in the CalSTRS Defined Benefit (DB) retirement plan who may have received improper DB service credit for teaching non-credit courses as a part-timer between January 1, 1999, and October 21, 2004.  Receipt of improper service credit resulted in or will result in improper DB retirement benefits.  AFT 2121 will use this information to try to have CCSF correct the data that it reported to CalSTRS so that CalSTRS can re-calculate your service credit.  While we will also be asking CCSF to identify you, CCSF may be unwilling to do so or unable to do so accurately.

Do you fall into any of the following four categories?  If so, please take our survey!

1) You are a retired part-timer, joined the DB plan after 7/1/96, retired as a part-timer after 10/21/04, and taught any non-credit courses at CCSF as a part-timer while in DB between 1/1/99 and 10/21/04 (including summer school between 7/1/02 and 10/21/04); or

2) You are currently or have been a part-timer but are not yet retired, joined the DB plan after 7/1/96, and taught any non-credit courses at CCSF as a part-timer while in DB between 1/1/99 and 10/21/04 (including summer school between7/1/02 and 10/21/04); or

3)  You are a retired full-timer, became a full-timer after 1/1/99, were previously a part-timer (doesn’t matter when you joined the DB plan), and taught any non-credit courses at CCSF as a part-timer while in DB between 1/1/99 and 10/21/04 (including summer school between 7/1/02 and 10/21/04); or

4)  You are currently or have been a full-timer but are not yet retired, became a full-timer after 1/1/99, were previously a part-timer (doesn’t matter when you joined the DB plan), and taught any non-credit courses at CCSF as a part-timer while in DB between 1/1/99 and 10/21/04 (including summer school between 7/1/02 and 10/21/04).

If you don’t recall exact dates or assignments, please do not ask AFT 2121 for the information.  We do not have your information or access to it.  You need to review your records.  You can see your CalSTRS annual Retirement Progress Reports going back to 2002 online at www.calstrs.com.  You can see your CCSF pay advices going back to 1999 on WEB4.  If you still need more information, please contact CCSF.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you think may fall into one of the above categories but did not receive this notice.

If you are currently a part-timer, do not fall into any of the above categories, and in the future become a full-timer in category 4) above, please contact the union at that time to find out if further action is needed.

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AFT 2121 Bargaining Team Outlines Proposals to Rebuild our Enrollment

Yesterday, our bargaining team met with Administration for a “pre-negotiations” meeting about rebuilding enrollment at City College. 11004548_906316266066080_5198273099149512441_oWhile Administration has said that enrollment is not within the “scope” of bargaining, we started off our presentation with an explanation of how enrollment is the central bargaining issue. With our stability funding ending in 2.5 years, Administration needs to work with faculty to immediately find ways to boost enrollment. The alternative — a dramatically reduced college — is not an option. CCSF Administration cannot cut its way out of these problems – nor can it continue to force draconian cuts on faculty. The solution is to grow our enrollment.

Members of the AFT 2121 bargaining team outlined proposals for growing our enrollment,  including reducing minimum class size to 15, greatly reducing class cancellation, and putting resources into grassroots enrollment outreach. Read more ›

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Negotions Updates: District wants to keep union members out

The District has rejected our union’s initial proposal to have “open negotiations,” whereby AFT 2121 unit members can attend and observe Negotiations sessions. Does the District really believe that keeping members out of the negotiations is going to help in reaching an agreement and dealing with the struggles ahead for the college? We need more transparency, not less, to move forward. What does the District fear by creating a more open and transparent process?

If the District is serious about moving forward they need to treat the faculty with basic respect by agreeing to a more transparent process.  Read more ›

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Moving Forward, Waiting for the District

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the District was not prepared to present and sunshine their proposal to the board. Although AFT 2121 provided several months’ notice that we would sunshine on 2/26, the District was unable to put together their plan in time for the board meeting. We have requested that we go forward with scheduled Wednesday afternoon meetings anyway, using the time to present information and clarify issues even though we will not be officially bargaining until the district can sunshine. This is a huge disappointment and delay for the team – we want to be at the table working towards better pay and working conditions for our members now. 

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An epic battle for fair accreditation!

See the timeline of our epic battle for fair accreditation!

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March 2015 Union Action now available

Look for it in your campus mailbox or download the pdf

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The college we deserve!

Read the presidents column from March 2015

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CCSF faculty to State Chancellor Harris: CandelariaSaginorMesserfull Q&A with Harris

CCSF still in jeopardy as trial continues

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Today’s negotiations session has just gotten underway–our members showed up to support the bargaining team!

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A new mayoral appointment means #CCSF will have a full Board of Trustees, though that board still does not have its powers back.

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Faculty, a bargaining update:

On Monday, at the eleventh hour, the District agreed to allow faculty to observe negotiations this Wednesday,..

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