We Demand the Empowerment of our Board of Trustees: Turn our College’s Priorities Right Side Up!


Harmful decisions like the abrupt relocation of Civic Center Campus classes show the urgent need for return of our elected Board of Trustees. On Friday, January 16th our faculty, students and community marched from Civic Center campus to City Hall in protest of Chancellor Tyler’s abrupt relocation of our Civic Center faculty and hundreds of our immigrant and low-income students in the Tenderloin district. We have yet to see any evidence that holding classes at CCSF Civic Center Campus poses any life safety issues. And CCSF’s elected Board of Trustees has not been able to oversee these decisions affecting students and the community at large. Join us tomorrow for a teach-in just prior to the CCSF Board of Trustees meeting. Then attend public comment and ask key questions about administrations ill-advised decisions.

CCSF Board of Trustees Meeting
Teach-in and Public Comment
Thurs. January 22nd, gather at 3:45

Ocean Campus, MUB 140

We call on faculty, students, and the community to join us in learning about—and challenging!—the skewed priorities of administration’s upside-down decisions. We demand an empowered Board of Trustees and a democratic, open, decision-making process here at CCSF!

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Judge Rules that ACCJC Violated the Law

Today State Superior Court Judge Curtis Karnow issued a ruling in the case of “The People vs. the ACCJC.”Testimony heard in the weeklong trial of “The People vs. the ACCJC” presented strong evidence that the ACCJC engaged in unlawful practices in pursuit of closing our City College of San Francisco. Judge Karnow found that the ACCJC violated the law in 2013 when it moved to disaccredit our college and that the ACCJC is “liable for violations of the Unfair Competition Law, specifically the law’s ban on unlawful business practices.” Though there is much analysis yet to be done of Karnow’s ruling it is now clear that this rogue agency has violated the law! Read Judge Karnow’s full tentative decision in “The People vs. the ACCJC.”

We must continue the work to move forward with essential next steps in the struggle against the ACCJC. We call for the California State legislature to fix our broken accreditation system, for the Department of Education to reign in this unfair accreditor, and for the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to return democracy and local control to our college by immediately reinstating our elected CCSF Board of Trustees. Please join our court decision rapid response action! Read the CFT statement on today’s ruling.

Court Decision Rapid Response!
Rally with us: Tuesday, January 20th at 5pm
Ocean Ave. in front of the CCSF Wellness Center
Wear yellow and red for public ed!


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Tomorrow: Rally at Civic Center Campus. Return Democracy to CCSF!

ccsf Mar 201420We have yet to see any evidence that holding classes at CCSF Civic Center Campus poses any life safety issues. Yet, three days before classes were set to begin CCSF Chancellor Tyler abruptly informed faculty that their campus was not seismically sound and they could not teach their classes on Monday, the first day of the spring semester. The sudden closure of Civic Center campus probably would not have happened if we had an empowered Board of Trustees and a democratic, open, decision-making process here at CCSF.  Please join us for a rally and press conference outside of the CCSF Civic Center campus and then a march to the steps of City Hall for an English as a second language citizenship lesson.

Friday, January 16th: Return Democracy to CCSF!
Rally: CCSF Civic Center Campus (750 Eddy) at 12:30pm

March: to City Hall (1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place) at 1pm
RSVP and Invite on Facebook

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ACCJC Officially Moves City College to Restoration Status

Today, the ACCJC announced it has officially moved City College to “Restoration Status.” The quick turnaround for this announcement comes in advance of Judge Karnow’s decision in the People vs. ACCJC, but we’re not fooled: Restoration Status is deeply flawed. The ACCJC can still revoke accreditation anytime, CCSF will have no right of review or appeal, and the college under Restoration must meet higher standards than any other college. Read the CFT statement on CCSF Restoration.

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Next Delegate Assembly on January 20th

Our next Delegate Assembly will be on January 20th from 3-5pm on the Ocean Campus in MUB 251. All members are welcome to attend. Get the agenda.

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January 22nd: Join our Union in Bringing Critical Questions to the Board of Trustees

Though there is no clear indication of when the elected Trustees might get their power back, Thurs. January, 22nd is the next Board meeting with all Trustees present (not just Super Trustee Agrella). All faculty are all encouraged to attend. 

CCSF Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday, January 22nd at 5pm
Ocean Campus, MUB 140

Faculty are asking key questions about Administration’s ill-advised reorganization plan, CCSF’s budget, and Friday’s surprise announcement that the Civic Center Campus will be temporarily closed for seismic retrofitting — with no notice and very little information for faculty or students. Please, join this meeting and make your voice heard on the many issues facing our college.


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Last Minute Closure of CCSF Civic Center Campus Raises Disturbing Questions

On Friday, January 9, CCSF Chancellor Tyler abruptly informed faculty at Civic Center that their campus was not seismically sound and they could not teach their classes on Monday, the first day of the spring semester. The surprising and sudden closure raises a number of disturbing questions:

  • Why were students not informed of changes to classes when the decision was made?
  • Why didn’t Administration have a plan to prevent the disruption of the education of CCSF’s lowest-income, most vulnerable students?
  • What will happen to student workers who depend on their jobs at Civic Center campus?
  • Why were faculty informed at the very last minute? Why weren’t they allowed to use their expertise to help create a plan?
  • Why did the administration ignore its legal obligation to negotiate with the faculty union, AFT 2121, over this major change?
  • A report from August 2014 laid out plans for refurbishing the Civic Center campus within the next five years.
  • Why did Administration believe a sudden closure was necessary, given that long-term plans were already in place?
  • Where is the documentation that supports their conclusion that imminent “life safety” issues are involved?
  • With enrollment numbers lowered due to the ACCJC-accreditation crisis, why is Administration displacing classes?

Before any disruptive changes and closure of Civic Center campus, we demand answers. The number one goal should be retaining the announced schedule of classes for students at Civic Center campus while administration moves responsibly to develop a longer term plan for seismic upgrade for all buildings in such need. Students and faculty should be able to return to Civic Center as soon as possible, if there are no new threats to life and safety.

Information about Civic Center: There has been an adult school at this location since at least the 1940s. The majority of classes are ESL and GED. These students are from over 55 different countries and speak more than 37 different languages. Students come from all over San Francisco and the Bay Area, but most live in the City’s poorest ZIP codes:

  • 94102 (median household income per U.S. Census is $22,300)
  • 94109 (median household income per U.S. Census is $58,900)

Many of the students who go to the Civic Center Campus are at a difficult time in their lives, struggling to make it in a new country, to make ends meet, or to get back on their feet. For them, the school serves as a bastion of hope and opportunity. It is truly a community college.

If you wish to tell CCSF administration in-person about the impact of the abrupt closure of the Civic Center Campus on you and your students please attend CCSF public comment on Thurs. January, 22nd at 5pm. 





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Union files new complaint on continued ACCJC violations

Our union, in conjunction with the California Federation of Teachers, has filed a new complaint with the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) regarding the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges’ continuing “…violations of federal requirements,” indicating “it lacks the capacity, competence and knowledge to serve as a recognized reliable accreditor.” The complaint alleges that “ACCJC’s procedures, policies and actions [...] adversely affect all California community colleges accredited by the ACCJC… threatening the opportunities of hundreds of thousands of students to continue their education at California community colleges.”

Our earlier complaint, filed in April 2013, resulted in a ruling from the USDOE demanding the ACCJC come into compliance with 15 violated accrediting standards. Since that time the ACCJC has faced lawsuits, a highly critical report from the state’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee, and legislation attempting to make the opaque agency’s decision-making more transparent. Closing arguments in the San Francisco City Attorney’s suit against the ACCJC were heard Dec. 9th; a ruling is expected in January.

Even so, the ACCJC has continued to violate various accrediting regulations, as detailed in this latest complaint. Access the new Dec 2014 complaint here.

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Faculty Workload Survey

Faculty workload has changed since CCSF was placed on “Show Cause” in 2012. To prepare for contract negotiations, AFT is gathering information about these changes in faculty workload. This includes additional work over and above normal duties, such as work on SLO’s and re-writing course outlines. We are also collecting data on the amount of work faculty do to prepare for labs.

Please fill out the survey here.

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Reorganization: We Need a Genuine College-wide Dialogue with ALL Faculty

AFT 2121 has said in the past and is saying it again: any reorganization must:

1. Have the promotion of student success as its top priority

2. Clearly identify problems to be solved

3. Explain how these changes will solve these problems and lead to further student success.

The District has the authority to implement a reorganization. While there are work issues that were negotiated with the DCC, the reorganization, according to the District’s own words, is not something that is negotiated.  Yet when asked by faculty at public meetings, District administrators have said they could not discuss the details of reorganization because they were subjects of confidential negotiations. Does that sound like genuine dialogue?

They further claim that the process that has occurred WAS the genuine consultation with the faculty. We all know that this is simply not true. In fact, the District has used this process to avoid having a meaningful college-wide dialogue about the wisdom of this proposed reorganization with the faculty.

We again call upon the District to take responsibility and engage ALL the faculty in a genuine dialogue.

Please sign the reorganization letter and come to Public Comment at the the next Board meeting Thursday December 18th, 2014 4PM at MUB 140 to let STWEP Robert Agrella know that we want answers to our questions about reorganization and a  genuine, college-wide dialogue on any reorganization plan.

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Stay Updated: January 2015 Bulletin Now Available

Download the January 2015 bulletin to get important AFT 2121 updates for the Spring semester.

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