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New District email policy: Fall 2016

Administration has changed their email policy. They will no longer send work-related messages to personal email addresses or to CCSF Gmail accounts. They will send only to email accounts. If you don’t check your email, you could miss important information you need to do your job and will not meet your obligations. In addition, we are now required to provide the email address to our students. Read more ›

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AFT 2121 Delegate Assembly to take up Union finances and possible dues increase

Since 2012/13, owing to depressed faculty salaries, Local 2121 has deferred passing on increases in affiliation fees from CFT/AFT in the form of higher dues deduction. Moreover, the Local has continued to invest its limited resources in a high level of organizing in support of the successful contract campaign, the battle for fair accreditation, and initiatives to garner funding for City College and to revive enrollment, e.g. free tuition for SF residents. As a result, Union reserves have diminished dramatically. We need to start discussing the impact on AFT 2121 finances and the possibility of increasing dues.

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Rep. Nancy Pelosi urges U.S. Secretary of Education John King to deny the Accrediting Committee for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC)

POLITICO EXCLU — Rep. Nancy Pelosi urges U.S. Secretary of Education John King to deny the Accrediting Committee for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) its role as a recognized accreditor, saying it has shown no evidence of being a “quality, fair or reliable.” Pelosi, in a letter also signed by Bay Area Democratic Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jackie Speier, requested the Secretary’s assistance to the California Community College System — the nation’s largest — during a transition to a new accreditor, according to a letter obtained by POLITICO.

— The acreditation committee has been at the center of a controversy which has roiled the City College of San Francisco. In 2012, the committee raised serious questions about the community college’s financial and administrative management — and gave the institution less than a year to resolve them. A Special Trustee was appointed to help bring the college into compliance, but in July 2013, the group issued a decision to terminate CCSF’s accreditation. The three House members, in the letter this week, argued that since the original order from the accreditation committee, the college and its staff have “rallied together’’ to make tough decisions to get the college back on track. But they said that “unfortunately, AJCCC’s unfair and opaque actions continue to plague” the City College of San Francisco, and charged the committee has been guilty of “inconsistently applied accrediting standards.” Link to the full letter from Pelosi, Eshoo and Speier:

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District ratifies new AFT contract: What comes next?

With the Board of Trustees ratification of the new 2015-18 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) on Sept. 8, 2016, several things are set in motion. The District is targeting the Sept. 30 payroll for implementation of the salary improvements including:

  • Retro pay of 9.6% of all 2015/16 earnings.
  • Retro pay of 10.7% of all earnings between 7/1/2016 through 8/31/16
  • Pay for September 2016 and thereafter will reflect 10.7% over old rates (9.6% increase in 2014/15 plus 1% for 2016/17)
  • Faculty eligible for an additional step increase (Step 17 for full-timers and Step 13 part-timers) or because of credit for the 2009/10 step freeze will also see additional back pay for 7/1/16 thru 8/31/16 and, of course, and increase going forward.
  • Retro payments will appear as separate earnings line items on the Sept. 30 check

New contract language and pay schedules

These items will now be put together with the rest of the current contract and published as the new 2015-2018 AFT/District Agreement.

Salary placement

  • New full and part-time faculty hired this Fall 2016 will be notified of new initial salary placement rules with the opportunity to apply for re-placement on the salary schedule based on teaching or related experience.
  • New full and part-time faculty hired this Fall 2016 under an equivalency will be notified of opportunities for higher salary column placement based on the new contract.

Prescription co-pay reimbursements

  • Drug prescription co-pay reimbursements resumes but only for full-time faculty and only for the amounts in excess of $1,200 in each plan year, including:
  • Retroactively, July 1, 2015 through October 31, 2016.
  • Subsequently, November 1 through October 31 annually.
  • Claims under this benefit must be submitted during November 1 to 15.

Faculty should be aware of two new obligations under the new CBA

  • Faculty must regularly check their District ( email for official District communications from administrators, Department Chairs, and staff. Faculty who prefer to use their own email account can set their Outlook email account to forward all email communication to your own email account.
  • Faculty are encouraged to attend student graduation ceremonies including a goal of 1/3 of full-time faculty attending the primary Ocean Campus commencement ceremony.

Under the agreement, the parties agreed to discuss several items after ratification

  • The possibility of a District-proposed retirement incentive. (Many faculty have inquired about this. AFT will provide information once these talks ensue.)
  • Incorporation of new language in the CBA that reflects the current agreement and practice regarding coaches’ compensation, including pay for post-season playoffs and release time and pay for Head and Assistant Coaches and Athletic Directors.
  • Development procedures, systems and timelines for implementing reemployment rights for categorical employees, load calculations, and merging of categorical and general fund sick leave.
  • Meet to explore viability of a Compressed Calendar program at CCSF.
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AFT 2121 Election Endorsements – November 2016

So much is riding on the November election in our City (we’re fighting to defend working families, affordable housing, and to make our City College free for San Franciscans!



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Update: Salary increases and retroactive pay

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Fair Share for Free City College and Stronger SF Services

Are you City College of San Francisco? Do you support Prop W: Fair Share for Free City College and Stronger SF Services? Tell us about it!

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Fair Share for Free City College and Stronger SF Services

City College of San Francisco was free when Danny Glover attended– and we can make it free again with the help of Prop W: Fair Share for Free..

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President of CCSF’s controversial accreditor to retire

“Tim Killikelly, president of American Federation of Teachers 2121, called her departure a ‘symbolic step forward.’ “‘But the problem with the..

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Controversial accrediting chief Barbara Beno to step down

“A year [after #ACCJC ‘first alerted City College that its accreditation was in jeopardy’], the commission that had overseen campus quality for..

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