AFT 2121 Bargaining Team Outlines Proposals to Rebuild our Enrollment

Yesterday, our bargaining team met with Administration for a “pre-negotiations” meeting about rebuilding enrollment at City College. 11004548_906316266066080_5198273099149512441_oWhile Administration has said that enrollment is not within the “scope” of bargaining, we started off our presentation with an explanation of how enrollment is the central bargaining issue. With our stability funding ending in 2.5 years, Administration needs to work with faculty to immediately find ways to boost enrollment. The alternative — a dramatically reduced college — is not an option. CCSF Administration cannot cut its way out of these problems – nor can it continue to force draconian cuts on faculty. The solution is to grow our enrollment.

Members of the AFT 2121 bargaining team outlined proposals for growing our enrollment,  including reducing minimum class size to 15, greatly reducing class cancellation, and putting resources into grassroots enrollment outreach. Read more ›

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Negotions Updates: District wants to keep union members out

The District has rejected our union’s initial proposal to have “open negotiations,” whereby AFT 2121 unit members can attend and observe Negotiations sessions. Does the District really believe that keeping members out of the negotiations is going to help in reaching an agreement and dealing with the struggles ahead for the college? We need more transparency, not less, to move forward. What does the District fear by creating a more open and transparent process?

If the District is serious about moving forward they need to treat the faculty with basic respect by agreeing to a more transparent process.  Read more ›

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Moving Forward, Waiting for the District

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the District was not prepared to present and sunshine their proposal to the board. Although AFT 2121 provided several months’ notice that we would sunshine on 2/26, the District was unable to put together their plan in time for the board meeting. We have requested that we go forward with scheduled Wednesday afternoon meetings anyway, using the time to present information and clarify issues even though we will not be officially bargaining until the district can sunshine. This is a huge disappointment and delay for the team – we want to be at the table working towards better pay and working conditions for our members now. 

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Peralta Federation of Teachers Sponsors Forum on the Fight for Fair Accreditation

Tomorrow, the Peralta Federation of Teachers will be sponsoring a forum at Laney College on the issues with how the ACCJC  treated our City College.  The Peralta Community College District just had their ACCJC “visits” last week, and so the staff, faculty, students and community of Peralta are working to raise awareness around the ACCJC and it’s unfair accreditation practices. AFT 2121 faculty speakers Karen Saginor and Jaime Borrazas and CCSF student Otto Pippenger will highlight the unfairness of the accreditation practices with City College of San Francisco, and discuss how the ACCJC’s monopoly on accreditation is narrowing access to public education.

Fair Accreditation and the Struggle at City College of San Francisco 
Tuesday, March 17th from 3:30-5pm
Laney College, Room D200
900 Fallon St (Near Lake Merritt Bart), Oakland


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Central City Coalition for Public Education Continues the Fight for our Civic Center Campus!

Tomorrow, Supervisor Jane Kim’s resolution to bring back our Civic Center Campus in the Tenderloin will be heard by the full SF Board Of Supervisors. This is a direct result of our March 5th demonstration where we took to the streets with our community allies from the Tenderloin neighborhood. Tomorrow we will be testifying in support of  Jane Kim’s the resolution during public comment and walking the halls to urge her colleagues to make it a unanimous vote. We will be joined by our partners La Voz Latina/Central City SRO Collaborative, Community Housing Partnership, Vietnamese youth Development Center, and Glide Church.

Contact James Tracy for more info (510) 967-3785

Get the flyer



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“Negotiations” Kickoff March 18 — All Are Welcome

After many delays, our union is about to enter into contract “pre-negotiations” with the District. Unfortunately, the District is already throwing up roadblocks.  Administration is refusing to negotiate over strategies to boost enrollment, taking the stance that enrollment is “out of scope” of contract negotiations. However, given that our stability funding ends in less than three years, rebuilding enrollment is crucial not only to our union and our contract but to the future of our college.

On Wednesday, March 18, we will have a “pre-negotiations” meeting with the District’s bargaining team. At this meeting, we will present our strategies for rebuilding enrollment and make our case for including this topic in negotiations. We will also push to have transparent negotiations that are open to ALL faculty — something that the District has been resisting.

If you support transparent, open bargaining that tackles how we will rebuild our college after years of cuts and attacks, please join us:

Wednesday, March 18


Ocean Campus, Wellness Center, Room 103

RSVP to Ona Keller ( Students, staff, and community supporters are encouraged to attend.

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2015 CFT Convention delegates elected

The 2015 California Federation of Teachers Convention will be March 20-22 in Manhattan Beach. These are the delegates elected by our local to represent AFT 2121:

Funded delegates:
Hugo Aparicio, Valerie Berger, Kathe Burick, Patty Chong-Delon, Alan D’Souza, Mike Estrada, Malaika Finkelstein, Ann Fontanella, Galina Gerasimova, Ann Killebrew, Tim Killikelly, Craig Kleinman, Dana Labrecque, Pam Tau Lee, Li Lovett, Alisa Messer, Doug Orr, Lisa Romano, Louis Schubert, Susmita Sengupta, Janey Skinner

Unfunded delegates:
Manuel Covarrubias, Vivian Faustino-Pulliam, Debra Giusto, Margaret Hanzimanolis, Barbara Johnson, Diep Le, Jen Levinson, James Macale, Billington Mbolo, Rita Moran, Robin Pugh, Pablo Rodriguez, David Schroerlucke, Jack Sparks, Jill Tregor.

Many thanks to those who ran and voted in this election. Congratulations to our 2015 CFT Convention Delegates!

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Join our AFT 2121 General Membership Meeting on March 17th

All faculty are invited to our next General Membership meeting. We will discuss organizing and contract negotiations. Please join us!

AFT 2121 General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, March 17th from 3-5pm
Ocean Campus, Wellness Center 103
Get the draft agenda

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CCSF faculty to State Chancellor Harris: CandelariaSaginorMesserfull Q&A with Harris

CCSF still in jeopardy as trial continues

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