Call for transparency: Board to vote on barely-released budget for 2013/14 tonight

District administration is taking a proposed 2013/14 budget to the CCSF Board of Trustees tonight for adoption, a budget that was only available to the public or the Board yesterday at 5:00 p.m. and that was not shared with AFT 2121.  It contains the diversion of parcel tax and other revenues into the reserve ($6.85 million), huge increases in legal fees, buying computer equipment, pay to consultants, while taking over $5 million from faculty pockets (5% unilateral wage cut), and without answering questions about access or programs. This is an outrage. This budget needs vetting and transparency. In fact, more effective financial information and planning are also part of the ACCJC mandates. The budget priorities are skewed and need to be discussed and debated.

Meanwhile, while you have recently heard from AFT about our difficulties in negotiations, we have just heard that the District has declared impasse in Department Chairperson’s Council (DCC) negotiations despite having received a DCC counter-proposal. We call on the Board to order its team to return to the table and negotiate with the Department Chairs.

AFT believes we all deserve a voice in this budget process. The college community must have the opportunity to understand and weigh in on this proposed budget and the future of City College. Please join tonight’s Thursday, March 21 Board of Trustees meeting at MUB at Ocean campus at 6:00 pm.

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