Thursdays are Button Days

AFT 2121 and our allies just concluded the school year with a successful action at the Board of Trustees, once again preventing the Trustees from approving an upside-down budget.

A fair budget is one key to our fight for a fair contract. The other is maintain our union’s visibility and building our strength by acting together on a regular basis.

We’re calling on all 2121 members to participating in Button Day every Thursday during the summer.

This is easy to do and will have a huge impact on building our momentum–all you have to do is wear your AFT 2121 button every Thursday.

If you don’t have a button already, let us know and we’ll get one to you on or before the first Button Day: Call (415) 585-2121, or email, or to pick up buttons, stop by 311 Miramar Avenue, San Francisco.

Keep your eye out for the roving free bake sale—we’ll be distributing treats to AFT 2121 members wearing buttons on Thursdays throughout the summer term!

With your help, we can turn the budget right side up and preserve the college our students and community deserve!

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