AFT Caucus for Adjunct and Contingent Faculty Forming

Announcement:  A newly formed caucus of Adjunct and other Contingent Faculty members of  AFT has formed and is in the process of soliciting nominations for officers.
Any AFT member can join the caucus. Officers must be employed as Adjuncts, Part-timers or contingent faculty.
In order to join the caucus, you may write to the current acting President, Bill Lipkin, and identify yourself as a member of AFT 2121.  You will be put on a listserv and that will constitute your membership in the caucus, for the time being.
The first caucus officer election will be held in January, 2015. Officer nominations are due by December 14, 2014.  As we get more organized, we will institute annual dues and begin formulating a national strategy for AFT union activism around adjunct and Part time faculty issues.  The next convention at which we will hold our second face to face bi-annual meeting is in Austin, Texas in July of 2016.
This is an historic moment for Adjuncts and their allies.  It is time to advance a adjunct-led national agenda that would examine the structural impediments to pay and benefit equity, and institutional integration,  for contingent academic laborers as well as develop innovative approaches to  solutions at the local, state, and national level.  Because the AFT 2121 is in many ways a model contract for Part-time faculty, especially in terms of the provision of Health coverage, it is hoped that AFT 2121 Part-timers will be very involved in this national effort.
Please contact Margaret Hanzimanolis  for more information:
Please write to Bill Lipkin to join the caucus:



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