Help bring students back to our City College of San Francisco!

We are concerned that after the long fight to keep our accreditation we will have a much different and much smaller CCSF than we have now. We have already lost tens of thousands of students. Boosting enrollment is one of the most direct and immediate ways to help make sure we can keep offering a broad range of classes and programs to our community!

The Enrollment Campaign office is located on the Mission Campus (1125 Valencia St.) in room #261, which is on the second floor of the Bartlett Building. Stop by for 10-15 minutes any Saturday from 10am-2pm and pick up an assignment that will include cafes, laundromats, and bookstores in a 10 block or so radius of your selection. You can drop off materials to your designated destinations any time during the week. Contact volunteer team: Danny Halford ( or Susan Lopez (

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