We need everyone in our fight for a fair contract!

This summer our union has made a big effort to engage with members about our fight for a fair contract. We’ve been knocking on doors and making calls in an effort to talk to everyone about bargaining and how we are taking action to win a better contract.

Even in the summer months AFT 2121 member volunteers and precinct representatives have been able to make more than a thousand attempts to speak with our members. This month we also mailed out a Bargaining Bulletin to everyone (did you receive it? If not, let us know). We have reached over two hundred members already, but there are many hundreds more we need to contact.

Over the next couple of weeks we are making a final push to speak with members before we return to negotiations with administration during Flex Week. If you have yet to be contacted, please call our office or your precinct representative to get an update. We also NEED VOLUNTEERS to help build the strength of our union by speaking with other members about how we are organizing for a better contract. Member participation is vital not just to winning a better contract but also mobilizing to defend public education from threats like the out-of-control ACCJC. Together, we can win!

Our office number is 415-585-2121.

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