Accreditation Task Force Report: Get rid of ACCJC!|more…

Accreditation Task Force Report: Get rid of ACCJC!

The California Community College Accreditation Task Force Report publicly confirmed what has long been acknowledged in private: The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) “no longer meets the current and anticipated needs of the California Community Colleges.” The organization has “consistently failed to meet” expectations, ignored a decade of suggestions to improve—and the “system and its member institutions,” as a whole, “have lost confidence in the ACCJC.”

The report recommends moving to a new accreditor, but also suggests that a shift could be an overly long process. There is no reason to leave our state’s community college students and the colleges that serve them exposed to further damage by this accreditor for as many as 10 years. In our analysis, a serious and considered effort among community college constituents could ensure a fairly quick change to more responsible accreditors.

I could not be prouder of AFT 2121 than I am today! It has been the efforts of our local members that started the process that led to today’s report. It was by simply telling the truth and sticking together and working with our friends and allies that made this possible. We still have struggles ahead of us but speaking truth and showing our solidarity with each other is incredibly powerful.

In unity,

Tim Killikelly

AFT 2121 President

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