No to the District’s salary proposal and austerity plan!

Yesterday, AFT responded to the District’s meager salary proposal with a clear “No!”

  • No! to the District proposal to restore faculty salaries at a glacial pace when millions are kept away from the bargaining table in reserves and overbudgeted line items. (New CEO of finance, Marc Zinovec, argued in forums held on Tuesday, Sept. 8 in favor of increasing reserves well above the 5%-9% level established by Board policy.)
  • No! to reneging on CCSF’s commitment in 2003 to achieving parity for part-time faculty as called for in State law regarding “equal pay for equal work” in California community colleges.

In rejecting the District’s regressive salary offer, AFT reasserted its proposal of August 8, 2015. See our comparison of AFT and District proposals on compensation.

The District is saying they can’t do more to improve faculty salaries because of declining student enrollment and State apportionment dollars. What are CCSF’s high paid consultants and administrators doing about it? Focusing on increasing worker “productivity,” not growing student FTES. Last week District negotiators told AFT that they plan to cut program by 5% in each of the next three semesters, saying such cuts would not decrease enrollment. This week they said they are looking at program cuts beyond 15%.

In Fall 2013 they claimed a funding crisis and imposed a 5% pay cut for all faculty, saving $4.5 M. At the end of the year, there was a $14M surplus, which was transferred to reserves and other accounts. There was no crisis, the pay cut was unnecessary. Now they are again claiming a funding crisis, and refusing adequate pay increases. Why should we believe them anymore now than then?

AFT is calling on the Board of Trustees to change its budget priorities and stop the downsizing. We demand fair salaries and the rebuilding of the College!

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