Tell the Board of Trustees: Stop turning students away!

BargApr15_3As part of its drive to downsize the College, increase “productivity,” and “align” the college with a potential loss in State stability funding, the District is unilaterally implementing a plan to cut 26% of class offerings. The administration is ordering departments to cut Fall 2016 offerings, in some cases by 8%. Instead of using stability funds to stabilize the college, the District is setting that money aside – creating the future budget crisis they claim they wish to avoid.

In ESL, the largest department at CCSF, coordinators were actually opening additional noncredit sections to accommodate a large waiting list of students for the Fall. Noncredit has retained high “productivity” numbers despite the overall loss of enrollment at CCSF. However, Tom Boegel in the Office of Instruction, ordered these new sections be cut, which will turn away hundreds of students at a time when CCSF needs to grow enrollment.

We know that the Art Department has been told to cut sections also, negatively impacting part-timers with up to 20 years of service at the College. We are hearing similar stories from part-timers in other departments, from PE to the sciences.

While claiming that low enrollment means there is no money for faculty, admin has ordered CCSF’s fastest growing department — computer science — to turn away students. The department has been told to downsize their classes by 5.6% even though computer science has increased its enrollment by more than 20% the last two semesters in a row.

 No More CutsWe will not accept this slash and burn philosophy from our administrators. If the District is really committed to rebuilding enrollment, then cutting the college, especially in high demand areas, makes no sense.

Join us at 4pm this Thursday at the Board of Trustees meeting on Ocean in MUB 140 and and make a public comment to the Board. Tell them to stop turning students away and rebuild our college!

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