For PTers: Unemployment “LAUSD” bug work around

For part-time AFT 2121 faculty:

A reminder that as the spring semester comes to a close, you are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits, even if you have already been given an assignment for the fall (or summer). To receive the maximum benefit, applications should be submitted immediately following the completion of your last class session or assignment for this semester. Please visit our website for important information regarding applying for unemployment benefits.

If you are having trouble with the “LAUSD” bug when applying for unemployment benefits with EDD online, this seems to be a work around:

School Employment Details

You indicated your last employer was a school employer or you are currently working for or expect to work for a school or educational institution or perform school related work. Answer the following questions.

1.     Are you a substitute teacher for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)? Answer “No”

2.     Are you currently filing for Unemployment Insurance benefits during the Winter Recess with LAUSD? (Winter Recess usually occurs during the end of December / beginning of January.)  Leave blank

3.     You indicated that you are a substitute teacher at LAUSD and are not filing for unemployment insurance benefits during the LAUSD winter recess. What is the beginning date of the upcoming Winter Recess Period?   Leave blank

If you indicated that you are not a substitute teacher for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) or do not know if you are a substitute for LAUSD, provide the following information.

4. Are you filing for Unemployment Insurance benefits during a current school recess or off-track period? (Sabbatical leave is considered a recess period) Answer “No”

4a. If yes, How many of your school employers are in a recess or off-track period? Leave blank

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