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Update on the Fact-Finding process

The District presentation lasted about four hours in total. Our presentation lasted about an hour and a half and we will continue with our presentation on compensation on June 6th. We also have scheduled two other dates, July 6th and July 14th for Fact-Finding.

We have for months been hearing that Guy Lease’s role as Special Trustee is now only advisory as the Board has transitioned back to power. Yet he told the panel that he might not sign off on the budget if it wasn’t fiscally prudent. That is why his appearance at Fact-Finding was surprising and disturbing. He held forth with a long narrative about the accreditation crisis, trusteeship and FCMAT.

He claimed that the College had been irresponsible and now can’t provide any more on-schedule raise to faculty than what has been proposed. We know this is not true.

Lease claimed that San Francisco had a reputation as an outlier trying to do “the right thing,” but not acting fiscally prudent. He spoke of the college as being de facto downsized and any plans for growth were secondary.

We remain steadfast in demanding a fair contract that is part of a plan to grow our college not downsize it.

We will keep you updated on further developments.

Solidarity Summer

This summer our union will be offering a series of training sessions on building power among our students, community, and membership. We will discuss organizing theory and practice and will examine the forces at odds with public education.

For each of the 6 weeks of CCSF summer school, there will be a new session each with a different theme repeated Wednesday evenings 4-7pm and Sundays 11am-2pm, locations TBD. If you are interested in participating please RSVP to mmccown@aft2121.org so we can plan for the appropriate number of attendees. If you will be in need of childcare please include that in your RSVP

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