Sign the petition: Stop downsizing CCSF!

AFT 2121, our CCSF faculty union is challenging the new CCSF class cancellation policy that threatens to shut out more students from their education by cutting classes before the Fall 2016 semester even starts.

Sign the petition telling CCSF Admin to rebuild our college and stop the cuts!

On Monday, AFT 2121 President Tim Killikelly sent a letter to the CCSF Board of Trustees and Chancellor Susan Lamb demanding administration rescind this harmful class cancellation policy.

At yesterday’s Board meeting, Chancellor Lamb responded to the faculty and student public comments in opposition to this plan by claiming that the information shared with us about these planned course cancellations is “inaccurate,” and that low-enrolled classes will not be purged from the schedule on August 3. Instead, “conversations” will begin on the 3rd in consultation with Department Chairs about whether the course should be cut, or allowed to stay on the schedule and given a chance to grow enrollment. We intend to hold the Chancellor to these comments.

Sign the petition telling CCSF Admin to rebuild our college and stop the cuts!

In addition, AFT 2121 has officially filed a formal mass grievance over class cancellation policies. Premature closures needlessly deny student access to CCSF and cause employment and income loss to faculty. When admin says they will cut every class without 8 students enrolled onAugust 3rd, before add/drop closes, before school has even started, credit and non-credit alike, students will suffer. If the District is really committed to rebuilding enrollment, then cutting the college makes no sense. Chancellor Lamb and the Board of Trustees: stop the downsizing, support student access to education!

What’s next?

We hope that the CCSF Administration will work with us to pass the Free City College initiativewhich will help us bring thousands of San Franciscans back to their education at City College. And we urge CCSF administration to focus on rebuilding and growing programs, targeted outreach to prospective students, recruiting faculty to coordinate these efforts, and offering alternative assignments to faculty who’ve had their classes cut.

Now is the time to stabilize and grow our classes. Administration needs to work with faculty and students to immediately find ways to boost enrollment. The alternative — a dramatically reduced college — is not an option.

How can I help?

We are now in a struggle to keep City College of San Francisco open for more than 80,000 students.
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