Payback $38.9 million?

The State Chancellor’s office is asking City College of San Francisco to pay back $38.9 million. The money in question has to do with certain online labs that were connected to courses that were taught in-person. None of these classes were only online classes.

City College of San Francisco needs to make sure that we do not have to pay back any funds for work that we can verify. The State Chancellor’s office has said that we owe ALL of the money for an entire course – even though only a small portion of the work is not able to be verified. They want us to pay back money for completed work that can be verified. That’s simply makes no sense.

Because of the accreditation crisis City College of San Francisco has been extra vigilant in reporting any and all relevant information to the State Chancellor’s office. City College of San Francisco reported this information and should not be punished for this self-reporting.

$22.1 million of the $38.9 million that the State Chancellor’s office wants returned comes from stabilization funds. This in effect has turned the stabilization program from a grant to a loan for the college. That clearly is not what was intended by anyone in the creation of the stabilization fund. All parties including the Department of Finance and the Governor’s office clearly made recommendations for stabilization funds rather than a loan.

We plan to work towards making sure CCSF is treated fairly in this process.

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