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Save MUBWe have achieved so much at CCSF by working together, staying engaged, and raising our voices collectively. After years of fighting back against the ACCJC, we have our accreditation affirmed for 7 years. And we’ve just created the most progressive program for making Community College tuition free again in the country. But within our college, we have a raft of administrators who are operating as if we are still in crisis. They continue to act as if admin priorities are the only priorities. We have to stay vigilant and make sure our administration makes decisions that put education first.
The MUB – one of the newest buildings on the Ocean campus – was built with bond funds meant to provide classrooms for students. Several of those classrooms are designed with specialized space and equipment to meet the needs of the Child Development (CDEV) and Health Education departments. As part of the plan to lease 33 Gough street to a developer, the staff in Payroll, HR and other offices at 33 Gough are being relocated. Admin has chosen to move them into the MUB, taking over the specialized space originally designed for students. Students, faculty and department chairs from affected departments were not involved in this decision. There is no concrete plan for the relocation of students, faculty and class sections that will be displaced. We are working to fight this top-down decision, and to demand that admin work together with faculty, staff and students to make the right plan for this move.
AFT 2121 is supporting this petition to save MUB started by CDEV and Health Ed. You can help by circulating and returning these petitions by March 21st at our AFT 2121 General Membership meeting (Tuesday, 3/21  from 3-5pm in MUB 160). Petitions about MUB will be presented to the Board of Trustees at their March 23rd meeting. We will also be at that Board of Trustess Meeting protesting class cuts starting at 4pm. Please join us!
It’s imperative that our college administration stop their top-down decision making practices and work to make sure that students and faculty have a real voice in decisions at the college.
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