Action Alerts: Grow our CCSF | NO on HR 610 |International Working Women’s Day

(Today) Give public comment to our BOT: It’s time to GROW our CCSF!

We are calling for a moratorium on any further cuts to our College until the end of the Fall 2017 Semester.

Now that we’ve made City College FREE for San Franciscans it’s time to grow and rebuild our CCSF. Join us today to tell the new Board of Trustees we need them to stop the downsizing, support student access to education! RSVP and share.

Today: Ocean Campus in MUB 140, 4pm
Join us in giving public comment to the CCSF Board of Trustees
Tell them it’s time to stop class cuts at our City College: It’s time to grow!

(Saturday, 3/11 from 12-3pm @ 24th and Mission) 108th International Working Women’s Day

This Saturday join grassroots women’s organizations from throughout the Bay Area and the International Women’s Alliance in commemorating the 108th International Working Women’s Day in honor of the first women strikers in 1909 and to continue to build our collective resistance and people power to RISE against Fear, RESIST attacks on our communities, and UNITE for Self-Determination! RSVP and share.

(Action alert) NO on HR 610

We knew the threats to public education were real, and now we know just how real they are in the form of HR 610, also known as the “Choices in Education” Act. HR 610 reflects Secretary Devos’s agenda, ignoring evidence as to what actually works in public education. This administration is trying to promote privatization and allowing corporations to make a profit at the expense of students, families, and the common good.  You can help by urging Representative Nancy Pelosi (202-225-4965) to OPPOSE HR 610.

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