Step placement for new hires

In our new contract, we won an improvement in step placement rules for anyone hired on or after Fall 2016. CCSF administration is now able to implement the changes, so new hires who qualify can receive back pay to the beginning of Fall semester 2016. If you were hired this academic year, you should receive a step placement letter from HR this week explaining the changes.

There should be two forms attached to the letter you’ll receive. You’ll need to return them to HR by May 1st in order to receive proper credit for your previous experience. The two forms are also here:

If you’re a full-timer at CCSF, the college should have already counted your previous full-time experience. The new contract provisions will allow you to receive pro-rated credit for your part-time faculty experience as well.

If you’re a part-timer at CCSF, the college has not yet considered your previous experience. If you have faculty experience, either full- or part-time, you can now receive credit.

These improvements can increase your pay going forward, and retroactively back to Fall 2016. Please return the forms to HR by May 1st.

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