AFT 2121 Agency Fee Payer notice

Dear City College Faculty Member,

You are receiving this financial information notice for AFT 2121 fee payers because you are NOT currently a member of AFT 2121, your faculty union at City College of San Francisco. Right now, 85% of faculty at CCSF are union members. As a “fee-payer,” you receive equal representation and are charged the same percentage, 1.5% to support the collective power of our union.

Currently, most union-represented workers in California pay this “Fair Share” agency fee, whether or not they are members. This may change under the anti-union, anti-worker Trump administration where labor is under attack. The increasingly conservative Supreme Court, with newly appointed Justice Gorsuch, will likely move to end the fair share fees that we count on to ensure that we have the bargaining power, resources, and organizational capacity to keep workers’ priorities at the forefront. Workers deserve better wages and working conditions.

Our union operates through a system of representative democracy. Our power depends on active members working together to make our voice strong at the negotiating table and throughout the college. The gains we’ve made in our contract campaign, our fight against the ACCJC, and for Free City College were made possible by collectively pooling our resources, including Union dues. Membership in your union is the most basic way that you can be a part of this strength.

We need a stronger — not weaker — union to withstand the austerity measures that harm our students and faculty. This fall, we ask all faculty to sign an updated membership form to re-commit to our union. The new form changes the terms a bit in that membership can only be revoked during a 30 day period on the anniversary of the date of the new form. Much like our open-enrollment for health care choices. This is important so that the union can budget reliably. We are worried about powerful and well-financed campaigns that will target our members with promises of more money in their pockets. (Which of course is incredibly shortsighted as a weak or no union will cause salaries to plummet.)

Please return your form to your precinct rep or to the AFT 2121 office (311 Miramar Ave.) as soon as possible. The stronger our numbers, the stronger your union’s voice: that means your membership strengthens our union at a time when it has never been more needed.

When you become a member of your union, you…

  • build power
  • support your negotiating team
  • stand together with over 1200 of your colleagues
  • ensure the healthy future of the labor movement
  • stand up to Trump and corporate bullies

Only members can vote on important issues like union leadership and, if we have to, to authorize a strike. Your voice matters! Please fill out your updated membership form today and take part in democracy in action through participation in your union.

In Unity,

Jessica Buchsbaum
Secretary, AFT 2121

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with interested colleagues who may not be receiving emails.

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