Negotiations update

Contract Negotiations Update

Negotiations continued to move forward at the December 13 session, where new proposals were made and unresolved older ones were reviewed:

  • We made a proposal to honor faculty and student requests that they be called by their preferred names. The District will get back to us on this.
  • We may be close to a resolution on voluntary transfers, the ability of a tenured faculty to request and be considered first for transfer to a vacant full-time position outside their home department prior to the hiring process for the position. The District suggested that faculty be given 10 days to apply for a transfer. We need to figure out how the application process would work so current faculty members would not need to submit all their documentation again.
  • The District responded to our proposal of increasing pay for one-year sabbaticals to 80% (from 60%), with the suggestion of forming a committee to explore this proposal, examine how sabbaticals are granted, and consider qualifying criteria for sabbatical project. Further discussions are needed.

Before the actual bargaining session, a faculty member presented ideas to us about professional development for column movement. She works with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) and says she has seen great results with their programs.

More: How can I support my Bargaining Team?

  • Open negotiations will continue next Wednesday from 1:00-5:00 in MUB 238. All faculty are invited. Before attending, please review our open negotiations guidelines.
  • The gains we’ve made in our contract campaign, our fight against the ACCJC, and victory with Free City were made possible by collectively pooling our resources, including our union dues. The hundreds of faculty who have chosen to re-commit to our Union this semester by signing our new membership form — with its loud, proud commitment to “stick with our union” for a full calendar year —  have put us in a powerful position for our latest round of negotiations. If you have not done so this school year, please sign a new AFT 2121 membership form.

(Left) Precinct Rep Valerie Berger sticking with our Union at the November Delegate Assembly.

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