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Six folks shared their stories at our Open Negotiations last week to highlight why we love teaching at CCSF and to emphasize what is challenging our ability to stay at CCSF.
  • A Counselor who works in Continuing Student Counseling took a categorical-funded position with Gateway to College. She had a one-year contract then the program closed and lost her position. Categorical Employees are valuable to our college. The College needs to value our categorical employees.
  • A Librarian took a $6-8K pay cut to come to CCSF from San Mateo. She had a 2 bedroom apt. in SF – but it was too expensive in SF and moved to Marin to get cheaper rent. The 2- hour commute is stressful. She loves CCSF, but is looking at College of Marin, since it looks attractive with salary and is closer to her home. She works 5-7 hours of overload to make ends meet.  She feels forced to work overload to be able to afford to live here.
  • A Political Science instructor loves teaching here but the pay has never met the need.  He is teaching overload to try to break even.  The endless paperwork often seems like busy work. The job is more administrative than it has ever been and takes away from the teaching that he loves.
  • A Librarian who has worked full time since 2002 had always worked overload to compensate for low pay which is not enough to live on in SF. She is on Step 16. She loves CCSF and has served on many committees. The main problem is the cost of housing. She has looked for jobs elsewhere and doesn’t want to have to commute long hours.
  • A Music Instructor who works part-time talked about the struggles of working part-time and making ends meet. The cost of living is making his life harder. He wants to retire soon but part-time retirees don’t get lifetime benefits like full timers do and Social Security will be reduced because of Federal rules.
  • An Adult Literacy part-time Instructor moved to Marin 6 years ago. Marin has no rent control and his rent has risen 55%. But he can’t afford to move back to San Francisco.

What’s next?
Let’s continue asking the Board of Trustees and our administration for their support in protecting what matters at our college. We hope you will join us and come out to tell your story:

  • at our Open Negotiations (February 14, 2pm, MUB 238)
  • or in public comment to the Board of Trustees (February 22, 4pm, MUB 140).

Can’t come out at one of these times? Send a 2-minute-long written statement to our President Tim Killikelly ( and our Bargaining Team will read it for you.

Can’t tell your story? You can still support our Bargaining Team.

We are working together to keep our Union strong and fight right wing attacks on the working class.

Have you signed a new membership form yet?

Hundreds of faculty who have chosen to re-commit to our Union by signing our new membership form — with its loud, proud commitment to “stick with our union” for a full calendar year —  have helped to keep us in a powerful position for our negotiations. If you have not done so this school year, please help us keep the momentum going and sign a new AFT 2121 membership form.

(Picture) Rank-and-file leader Marco Mojica holds up the 12 new membership forms that came to our Union’s office in just one day last week! Let’s keep the momentum going #organize#fight #janus #unions#KeepOurUnionsStrong

AFT 2121 interactive salary analysis tool

Our AFT 2121 Bargaining Team Adviser and retired Economics professor Doug Orr presented his Interactive Salary Analysis Tool again last week and he will be making more presentations at Open Negotiations in the future. All faculty are invited to join.
The District team was very enthusiastic about the tool and the ability for real-time analysis of various options for increasing salaries above the Bay 10 median as they are run through the tool. At this point we are not settled on any specific proposals. At this meeting we explored the impacts of increasing all salaries by a flat amount, increasing the pay differential between salary columns, and/or the addition of salary steps. We will be exploring other scenarios in future meetings.
Please come to Open Negotiations next Wednesday February 7th at MUB 238 1:30-5pm. AFT 2121 caucuses from 1-1:30pm.

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