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AFT 2121 is the faculty union at City College of San Francisco. We represent full- and part-time counselors, librarians, and instructors. Through 35 years of collective bargaining, our contract has emerged as a nationally recognized model for:

  • Equity and respect for part-time faculty, including prorata pay, health benefits, and reemployment rights.
  • The protection and growth of the college’s full-time faculty core, creating full-time faculty through consolidation of positions.
  • Improved funding and equity for noncredit programs and noncredit faculty.
  • These changes created a more stable faculty, greater access for students, and the ability for faculty to contribute more to the College. These gains have made us a better workplace and stronger college overall—and a better place for learning and teaching to take place.

    AFT 2121 is Your Faculty Union!

  • Video: One-day strike, April 27, 2016

    The foregoing are some of your basic contractual rights which Local 2121 officials and the executive staff work to defend and improve. Questions of your rights sometimes get complicated, and the Union local is there to help you assert them.

    AFT Local 2121 is a professional faculty union that represents and advocates for you. To do this effectively, we need your active support. Beginning with your first paycheck, a small percentage of your gross pay will go to the Union to help pay for the cost of representation. It is called a service fee, and you must pay it, just as we must represent you. Our hope, however, is that you will choose to join the one-thousand-plus teachers, counselors, and librarians at CCSF and become a member of AFT Local 2121. All that is required is that you fill out and sign a membership application and dues authorization.

    Our union office is located near the Ocean campus at 311 Miramar Avenue (at Ocean Avenue). Our membership is organized into precincts of 25-40 members, each with an elected representative. These precinct reps, together with our Executive Board members, form our principal governance body, the Delegate Assembly and are your conduit to the Union.

    The Executive Board and Delegate Assembly Representatives are elected by the union membership every two years. The principal elected officers of the Union are released from some portion of their faculty workloads to keep our organization running and to represent the faculty in contract negotiations, in grievance procedures, on District committees, and in statewide councils and task forces. We are staffed by a full-time Executive Director and two half-time office clerks. We are part of the highly respected Community College Council, which is the majority union in community colleges statewide; its umbrella union, the California Federation of Teachers; and the national American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, with headquarters in Washington, D.C. Copies of our local By-laws and Constitution are available in print at our office.

    We urge you to lend your support to the Union by joining as a member. We invite your active participation in the union’s democratic process by attending our union meetings, serving on a committee, running for office as Precinct Representative, etc. Your membership also entitles you to receive union publications throughout the year and a wide variety of credit union and other benefits such as access to certain insurance policies, discount privileges to Marine World USA and Disneyland, discount car rentals, etc. Membership also enables you to vote in the AFT Election of Officers and Precinct Delegates.

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We are fighting to defend the City College San Francisco deserves! We need your help to keep CCSF high quality, accessible, and diverse.

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