Unemployment for Part-timers

During Summer and Winter breaks, part-timers without sufficient earnings from other employment are entitled to receive unemployment insurance benefits. If you are “underemployed,” you may still be eligible for some benefits. We are not eligible for unemployment benefits over Spring break.

Apply as soon as possible on or after your last day of work. Your application is retroactive only to the Sunday of the week in which you apply. The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll get a check.

NEW: You may be asked to list your gross earnings for previous quarters. To find that information:

  • Log in to Web4
  • Go to Employee Services/Pay Information/Earnings History
  • Set the dates you want to see and click “Display”.

You must report your gross earnings for your last week worked before the break. If you claim benefits for the first (flex) week of the semester following the break, you must report your gross earnings for that week. You may also have to report your gross earnings for the second week of the semester following the break.

For instructions on how to calculate gross earnings for those weeks, see below.


How to Report Earnings for PBL Assignments

  • For full-semester assignments, you are deemed to work the same workdays as full-timers, including flex days. Your semester runs August 10 – December 16, 2016, no matter which of those days you actually worked.
  • You are eligible for unemployment benefits for semester break even if you don’t get your last paycheck until after the semester ends.
  • Short-term assignments are now PBL, even if they were paid hourly in the past. The Web4 paystubs list hours and hourly rates that are completely erroneous – you are NOT paid hourly, unless you were subbing.
  • Some short-term assignments are paid over the entire semester, and some are not. Check FLAC: Log in to Web4. Choose Employee Services, then Faculty Load and Compensation, then Compensation and Acknowledgement. Choose credit or non-credit and click “Go.” Now click on the name of the assignment.
  • If it says “Full Term,” the assignment was reported to EDD as full-term. Use the instructions below, even if your actual work-dates were different.
  • If it says “Not Full Term,” check with your department chair or with the payroll department for your assignment dates. Your last day of work for the purpose of applying for unemployment was the last day of your assignment. Do not assume it’s the same as the last day you actually worked. Unless you also have a full-term assignment, you are eligible for unemployment as soon as your assignment is over.
  • Subbing is still paid hourly. See “How to Report Earnings for Subbing,” below.


Earnings for the Last Week of Fall 2016, Dec. 12-16:

Because of all the retros and corrections, this process is a little different this year. Your earnings for the last week should not include retros. The paystubs are confusing; get the information from FLAC instead.

NOTE: You will also separately be asked to report your earnings for previous months. For that purpose, you should report all your earnings, including the retros and corrections. Log into Web4, then choose Employee Services/Pay Information/Earning History, then enter the time period you need.

But for this question, focus only on the last week of the semester. Here’s how:

Step 1: Log in to Web4/Employee Services/Faculty Load and Compensation/Compensation and Acknowledgement. Add up the totals for all your assignments. (Non-instructional                                     assignments are usually listed under credit.)

Step 2: There are 88 faculty workdays in Fall 2016, so divide semester PBL pay by 88 = daily PBL pay for the entire semester.

Step 3: Multiply daily PBL pay times 5 = gross PBL earnings for this week to be reported to EDD.


Earnings for the First (Flex) Week of Spring 2017, Jan. 9-13:

Step 1: Start with your Fall 2016 gross pay for PBL assignments (step 1 above).

  • If your load, step, or column will change in Spring 2017, you will have to make an adjustment.
  • FLAC information will probably be posted in Web4 by the time you have to file this information, so you can repeat step 1, above, for Spring 2017.
  • If FLAC information is not available in Web4, you can figure out your new earnings here: http://www.aft2121.org/check-your-check/

Step 2: In Spring 2017 there will be 87 work days. Divide semester PBL pay by 87 = daily PBL pay for Spring 2017;

Step 3: There are two work-days this week (flex days January 12 and 13), so multiply daily PBL pay times two = gross PBL earnings for this week to be reported to EDD.


Earnings for the Second Week of Spring 2017, Jan. 16-20:

  • Gross earnings for this week only need be reported if this week is included on your Continued Claim Form, or if you are “underemployed” and entitled to partial benefits.
  • There are 4 faculty workdays this week (4 instructional days Jan. 17-20).
  • Multiply your daily PBL pay for Spring 2017 (calculated above) times 4 = gross PBL earnings for this week to be reported to EDD.

How to Report Earnings for Subbing

  • Day-to-day subbing is still paid hourly. Your last day of work in Fall 2016 for a subbing assignment is the last day you actually worked. 
  • Unless you also have a PBL assignment, you will then be eligible for unemployment benefits for the semester break even though the semester may not be over and you may not have received your last paycheck.

Earnings for the Last Week of Work in Fall 2016:

  • Multiply the number of hours worked times your hourly pay rate.  The result is your gross earnings for this week for subbing assignments.
  • You can find the hourly rate on your Web4 paystub, or here: http://www.aft2121.org/wp-content/uploads/Hourly-Subbing-.pdf
  • Hourly rates listed on Web4 paystubs are ONLY accurate for day-to-day subbing.

Earnings for the First (Flex) Week of Spring 2017, Jan. 9-13:

  • There are generally no subs on flex days. There should be no hourly assignments on flex days.

Earnings for the Second Week of Spring 2017, Jan. 16-20:

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