Bargaining Documents for Faculty

Overview of Information for Faculty from the Bargaining Table

The AFT 2121 bargaining team is at the table in negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement, expiration date June 30, 2018.

We will continue to provide email blasts after each session recapping what occurred, tentative agreements reached, etc. If you are not receiving these, please email us at with an updated email address. You can also read all of our AFT 2121 negotiation updates on our website.

We are providing space at our website to view key documents from negotiations, e.g. initial proposals, tentative agreements as they occur, and, importantly, documents analyzing faculty salaries, benefits, District budget information, from both the Union the District. As negotiations progress, we will add documents relevant to the issues at the table.

Negotiation sessions are open for faculty to attend and observe. Sessions are held on Wednesday afternoons 1:30 – 5:00 p.m. in MUB 248, with a pre-session AFT caucus from 1-1:30 p.m.

  • “Bay Ten” Salary Comparison. We have just completed a comparison of full-time salary schedules in the Bay Ten community colleges. The data is taken from each district’s schedule including all salary steps and columns, and the relative ranking of the annual salary at each like step and column.  Keep in mind that this compares the printed salary cells from each schedule; it does NOT take into account where and how many faculty are actually placed on the salary cells. We are requesting information from the District that will hope us take into account the numbers of faculty in each cell (see below) and their numbers of years of service. Bay Ten salary data – Fall 2017
  • Faculty counts, full-time and part-time. Numbers of full-time faculty at each salary step/column. AFT has requested same for part-time faculty. Faculty Count & Salary Info – 10.17.17
  • Census of full-time and part-time faculty with HSS medical coverage by plan. AFT Health Benefits Breakdown – 11.9.17
  • District data on Bay Ten colleges FTES, “class size” FTES Summary in Bay Ten CCs – Fall2016 to Sp2017
  • AFT 2121 and CCSF District’s initial bargaining platforms. Our Sunshine proposal is intended to be a broad, aspirational document that acts as a “catch all” to lay out our goals for the contract campaign. We are required by law to “sunshine” everything that we want to bargain over at the beginning of negotiations so the Sunshine document needs to be broad. this means that later we are able to negotiate over the widest range of issues that we possibly can. So, as the process of bargaining moves forward we will be bringing more and more specific proposals to the District.

Winning our Contract Campaign and Preparing for Trump  attacks against Fair Share

Under the anti-union, anti-worker Trump administration, labor is under attack. We know that the increasingly conservative Supreme Court, with newly appointed Justice Gorsuch will move to end the Fair Share fees that we count on to keep up the struggle for better wages and working conditions. We know that right-wing groups will be running campaigns to push Union members to drop their membership. In other states that lost the Fair Share agency fee system the Koch brothers sent letters to union members telling them they’d be better off financially if they cancelled their union membership. This shortsighted view serves the interests of the Koch brothers and their right-wing allies and damages public service workers like us, and the people, the students and community we serve. In states without fair share, the average worker makes $1,500 less per year, workers are much less likely to have health insurance, and the rate of workplace deaths is 36 percent higher.
The gains we’ve made in our contract campaign, our fight against the ACCJC, and victory with Free City were made possible by collectively pooling our resources, including our Union dues. Making a commitment to each other and our collective power by becoming and staying members has always been crucial for our success. The hundreds of faculty who have chosen to re-commit to our Union this semester by signing our new membership form — with its loud, proud commitment to “stick with our union” for a full calendar year —  put us in a powerful position to begin our latest round of negotiations.
As our contract campaign moves forward we will continue asking all faculty to sign a new membership form. To protect ourselves from right wing attacks we must all commit to and stick with our Union. We need to have these conversations with our colleagues and make sure they know that membership is the keystone of our strength. If you have not done so this school year, please sign a new AFT 2121 membership form. It’s an act of resistance. The bottom line is clear: we are all much better off with strong union membership.


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